Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bachelor Brad 2.0 - Episode Seven

Oh my...that was awkward.
But you know what?
Kind of satisfying too.

Brad totally, totally deserves to have the "date from hell."
He's all excited to go on this Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot.
All of his creepy-man-dreams are about to come true:
Watching the girls he's dating roll around in the sand in tiny red bikinis...
And it turns so sour.
So incredibly, terribly sour.

And all the girls out in the real-world grin with delicious vindication.
The creepy-man-dream will not be fulfilled. Instead he will deal with three jealous, weepy women.
And God said, "it is good."

: )

Okay, so maybe God didn't bestow His stamp of approval on last night's escapades
I'm pretty sure God was talking about Anguilla when He said, "It is good." all those years ago.
That place was awesome.
1,000 shades of blue.

I bid a fond farewell to the 30-year-old-baby and please-eat-a-sandwich-Britt.
It was inevitable.

The girls we have left (only four!) are great.

I really like her.
Except...there's a little something lacking.
Personality, maybe?
I just don't hear much from her. I have no idea what she really thinks.
Maybe it's because she's too classy to let it all hang out there.
I'm going to go with that theory. It makes me like her even more.
Another thing I love: her protective nature over her daughter.
That's right, Mama, if you don't protect her, no one will.
(For the record, I totally wouldn't let Brad meet my kid(s) if I were in this situation. He is dating three other women. Can't he get that in his head? There is a very real chance that they will not end up together. She doesn't want him to meet the little one until it's a sure thing. Give her a break, she's a good mom.)

Ashley H.
She's cute. I totally want to go shopping with her and then to a lounge for drinks.
A girls-girl.
But maybe a bit too immature for Brad?
He is 49, after all.
(give or take a few years.)

 (disregard the strange, floating roses in these pics...what in the world?)

First of all: Thank you for having a normal body.
If I had the choice between having Chantal's body or Britt's body, I would go Chantal; hands-down.
She gave Brad quite the run for his money.
The girl's got emotions.
I would too after seeing him get all sandy and squishy with another girl on the beach.
Glad she didn't just let him "kiss and make up."

Mmmm kay.
That date she had?
I think this girl has gotten the best dates of the bunch.
She got to see the real culture of the place, which I would take over fakey palm trees and cabanas on the resort grounds any day.
The reggae dancing scene followed by a midnight dip in the ocean...
I was ready to hop a plane and go back to Jamaica after that one.
But her clothes...oh my.
She has about as much style-sense as one of her corpses.
...did I just say that?

Now it's your turn to weigh in.
I know you've got thoughts.
Let me know...don't pull an Emily on me.


Lyndee said...

Shawntel is adorable but not enough eye contact for Suzannes wishes. I think the profession she has will stop Brad from choosing her. Chantel is falling for him but she lets it all hang out for the world to see. He is impressed when they tell him they love him. Ashley is perky and cute and my be the one and he cowed to her stony silence after the ridiculous Sports Illustrated grapple on the beach. She just might have the power to keep this man in line and interested. She is a total package. Emily isn't ready for Brad though he wants to make headway into a real relationship. She is a true Southern Belle and he needs a Texas Playgirl.

Alicia Marie said...

"Every woman's dream..." Come on, Brad. It is every guys dream to see a SI swimsuit suit. I would go into hysterics if I had to do that...not every woman's dream.

I guess when your only tricks are crying and kissing and when you are an adult and wear platform flip flops...you go home. Finally.

Kudos for Emily for being a good momma. Kudos for the girls for giving it to Brad for his stupid date. (Big boo for taking your tops off...shame)

Off topic... but while midnight ocean dips look romantic, they are stupid. Sharks come in shore to feed at night...Never swim in the ocean at night(especially dusk). Dumb.

Mrs. V. said...

So glad Michelle and Britt went home! Long time coming.

Joey and I laugh whenever Brad is with Emily, because she just seems like she's "not that into him" haha. I can't imagine her crying and carrying on, worrying about going home like the three on the group date did. I don't think she'd be heartbroken to go home, maybe just sad that it didn't happen for her. I love Emily, but I don't think Brad's right for her. The age is a big thing, and it doesn't seem like they have anything in common either.

I completely understand the situation with her daughter- why would you introduce him to her (especially if that's something you don't normally do) unless you're sure it's real? The thing is- with this unique situation you can't really know if it's real til the last freakin' episode when he does or does not propose. At the same time, I can see the guy's POV- would you want to propose to a woman who has a daughter you've yet to be allowed to meet? Tough.

I love Chantel's body! Although during that group date I noticed she like arches her back and actually sticks her stomach out a lot- weird. We both noticed it a lot, and I've never known a woman to stick her stomach out on purpose.

I agreed with Ashley's own impression of herself on the group date: like she's the little sister. I don't know why, but that's the vibe I get.

Side note: I finally got Joey to tell me which girl he thinks is most attractive (he hates admitting this stuff haha) and he said Shawntel. Hmm.. wasn't expecting that!

Bethany Patrice said...

Michelle is a nutcase, and I'm glad she's gone. Seriously...are you five? You have to lie down in the limo and curl up like a baby? Ughh..so glad she is gone. She reminded me of Vienna, and look how that one turned out!

Emily, nice but a bit boring if you ask me. Brad said "you seem to good for me" He has a criminal record, so I'm gonna go with.."yes, you are probably right Brad. She is too good for you." I don't see this happening.

Chantal...I love her and her confidence. She is beautiful, and I think that her emotion is rooted in tthe fact that she has truly invester herself in this relationship. She loves him, and I think she honestly hurts when she sees him with someone else. I like her tons and tons and tons.

Shawntel...like her too. She is natural and earthy and completely herself. Wardrobe...I think she dresses like how I would dress. A tomboy trying her best to look nice! ha ha.

Ashley...not feeling her. She has cheerleader written all over her. I don't know that she has the depth to reign in Brad. I think she would be doing alot of the comprising in the relationship. Plus, I can't stand that her teeth are perfect. Yes, I'm jealous.

The end. I love your Bachelor blogs..keep em up!!!

Maegan said...


Emily- Still love her. You can tell that he really likes her too. I havent seen a Bachelor to date that tells someone they are getting a rose. I think it is all gonna fall apart in the next episode though. Her daughter didn't seem so in to him. But if he wasnt a moron he would know that its still too early for developing a relationship with her(the daughter)

Ashley- I dunno.. something about her... I dont know if I can see them together. But maybe that is because they havent had a one on one in a while.

Shawntel-loved their date. She is cute too... they seem to have great chemistry

Chantal- Seems a little too attached to me,. She tried so hard to come off as strong and now all she does is cry. annoying.