Monday, February 28, 2011

Bachelor Brad 2.0 - Episode Nine

South Africa.
Take me there.
Baby elephants might just be the cutest thing on the planet.
(...told you I like big babies.)

This was sort of an uncomfortable, sad episode...what with the Ashley issue.
But I shall get to that later.
What was a bit of comic relief was this...

What in the world?
He looked like a complete nerd.

Chantal was first on her fabulous Safari date.

Daggonit if he doesn't look like a moron wearing that hat w/ his jaw on the floor.
: )
An African safari has always been on the bucket list for me (Brawny Man too) so watching this was totally fun and making me terribly envious at the same time.
Chantal and Brad had that obvious connection. It was refreshing not to have her crying in this episode.
I really do think its just the addition of the other girls making her feel jealous and insecure that brings out the tears.
This is good to know.
I think they're a good match.
For the record: the treehouse is a nice idea but where was the bathroom?
And the A/C.
And the door.
And the walls.
Not for me.

"Oh my goodness gracious."
How cute was that?
She said it about 1,000 times while she was riding all queen-of-the-jungle like on that big ol' elephant.

Last week's notorious kiss.

 Brad dropped the hat for Emily's date.
(But lets see it again just for a laugh.)

But how perfect was Emily in her denim top, shorty-shorts and leather boots?
And then her evening get-up.
Any girl who can carry off black sequins in the middle of Africa gets an A+ in my book.
She looked flawless.

The big news: She dropped the "L" and he said it back.
I mean, whoa.
Isn't that against Bachelor protocol?

And then there was poor Ashley.
Poor Ashley and poor Brad, actually.
I have views on this whole issue and you bet your safari boots I'll be discussing them here.
Ashley's not ready.
Or...maybe she's just not ready for Brad.
She wanted to have fun.
She was having a grande old time with fabulous dates and a fun connection with a handsome guy;
but I'm not convinced she was ready to make life work with him.
When he started questioning her about their future and if he fit into her life, she didn't want to think about it.
I don't think the fault should have been placed on Brad (though he took the fault, like a man,) it was Ashley not quite sure if she wanted to try to figure out logistics - she even said that what she knew is they had chemistry and a connection, beyond that she wasn't sure.
(I do think Brad said a few things that probably hurt her. The whole bit about "I think I was in the exact same place you are ten years ago." I wouldn't have liked hearing that.)

So that was hard to watch.
They fell apart right before our eyes.
Awkward silences, small talk, avoidance of eye-contact, the whole bit.

I wasn't a bit surprised he sent her home.
It was a good move.
She was ready to be a girlfriend...not a wife.
I genuinely believe he's ready for a wife.

The two girls left are ready to be wives.
I'm pretty convinced.

Another thing I'm convinced of:
We need to see this hat again.
You know you love me.
: )
He looks ready to hunt some crocs.

So now you need to pick your girl.
Who do you think gets the final rose?
Chantal - whose hair was pretty fabulous on this episode, which almost made up for the hideous clothes last week.
Emily - who I'm secretly hoping doesn't get the proposal so she can be the next Bachelorette.

I just can't get over how romantic that whole South Africa thing was.
I mean...making out to the soothing sound of hippos snorting in the do you not fall in love?

And then there's this...

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chrissy said...

What bugged me about this episode was that he told all of the girls that he missed their families, even Emily's daughter. Ugh, way to tug on their heartstrings and lead someone in the wrong direction!
I don't know, something about him screams "Con Artist" to me, so I think he'll go for Moneybags, I mean, Chantal.

Bethany Patrice said...

For being a smart individual, Ashley has extremely poor communication skills. Between her "like, like, like, like" and "you know?, you know? you know?", I can hardly understand a word she is saying. I think if maybe she formulated her thoughts before speaking them, she may have found herself in a different place.

Emily is adorable.

Chaantel is beautiful.

I hope it has a happy ending!

Sarah said...

I have to admit that I don't even watch The Bachelor, yet I always read your posts because they entertain me. You crack me up...and so does that hat! :)

Burkinator said...

I'm not a Bachelor watcher, but I have been to South Africa (love!) and I can say one thing in defense of Brad. Safari hats were created for a reason, and that reason is to keep the sun from frying your brains and to keep the wind out of your face. I bought a safari hat while I was there for those reasons, and Ms. Heidi still makes fun of me to this day. :) But they really are a lifesaver when you're there.

Karah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karah said...

What is going on here? Karah is showing up on my fb account.

Alicia Marie said...

I love africa. I have been on a safari (in Uganda) and it is life changing! However, the idea of tree house fantasy suite it cute. The reality is not. I have seen the bugs that crawl around those places...and make it past the netting... NO thanks.

Chantal is alright. I still think he has more of a bromance with her dad...

I adore Emily and also hate that she can looks so awesome on a safari. I mean, it is a love-hate thing.

I was never that keen on Ashley... so I wasn't that surprised.

I hope Emily wins, but I would not be surprised if one of them freaks out and ruins it...who knows.

All I know is that it makes me yearn to go back to Africa. Sounds dramatic, but it is oh, so true.

Lyndee said...

Okay I am checking this out! Have I gotton rid of Karah's google on my responses?

Lyndee said...

Oh Lord starting over is a dilly around here. I had such a long comment that I had to delete to figure out this conflict.
Brads Hat: I liked it. It kept me from concentrating on his frown.
Emilie: Cute and simple so far has great Brad appeal.
Chantel: hated the dress in the drawn out rose ceremony but she is appealing to Brad
Ashley: She was unwilling to commit and just didn't get that she hadn't given him enough. She just wanted him to have faith...I ask you in what should he have believed???? She also shuts down toooo easily.
Brad: overuses the word 'Badly'. Anyone else notice that?
Who will be the wifey choice? If no bailing takes place Emily...she sounds like she is opening up and giving what he wants to hear.
I am so relieved to have my own name on this response that I must stop now.

Maegan said...

Lol on the hat. But what I hated more were his shoes. Come on!

Chantal- they definetly have a connection but I think she may be a bit immature for him. I dunno.. She is gorgeous and she needs a stylist.

Emily-adorable as always. Hope brad really knows she's a package deal. I feel for her. It's hard being a single mama.

Ashley- totally awkward. I dont understand how she was SO surprised.

I wish they would skip the reunion show!

Andrea said...

oh goodness I laughed so hard at this post and that hat! so true and so funny.

ashley's date; painfully awkward! she's never been my favorite, but I felt so bad for them b/c it was so awkward.

emily; she's sweet. i kinda hope she doesn't win just so she can be the next bachelorette too!
chantel; i thought it was interesting her saying that she takes an engagement seriously that it's a promise of a future blah, blah...but may I remind her that she's been married before and that she just got divorced 9 months before filming the show...what about that vow & promise?

it's so entertaining..... can't wait to see crazy Michelle next week!

StephG said...

I think I just about wet my pants at that picture of Brad! I'm still cracking up!

My thoughts:

Ashley - needed to go several weeks ago.

Chantal - loved her date with Brad. They were so comfortable, but I'm not sure if she'll be drama-less in their relationship. Not sure about the tree house either! A girls gotta pee is privacy & a tree's not gonna cut it..LOL!

Emily - He needs to marry her. She needs to stop pulling away!

Brad - Needs to stop saying "You need to trust what we have." Ummm...way easier to say that when you have all these girls to pick from. They only have one of you!

I'm totally hoping Brad chooses Emily though! He's looking for a wife & Emily is not gonna get involved with someone if she's not sure it's gonna last.

I'm not looking forward to the tell all episode though...I just wanna see who he chooses!!! Although I'm sure Michelle will make it all worthwhile!

ASB said...

Great comments Ashley! And funny picture of Brad and his hat. AMAZING trip they went on.

I'm not into Brad. He seems awkward and insincere (he says the same thing to each girl!).

I think he'll pick Chantal - they seem to have real chemistry and seem to be real with one another.

He seems to want to love Emily (who doesn't love her!?) but they are trying too hard. And in my opinion, he's 100% not ready for an instant family/5 yo daughter. I hope he doesn't pick her.

I don't think Ashley was right for him and I think she knew it (even if she got caught up in all of the hype). I really like her and think she'll have no problem finding someone wonderful when it's the right time.

Katie said...

The best part of the entire show was when he eliminated Ashley, stood up and said, "I'm confident in my decision." Jim and I STILL joke about this line to this day. Why on earth did he say that to her? Don't rub salt in a wound, I'm happy you're confident, that's lovely, but dang! Ashley was definitely not ready, I'm glad Brad picked up on that, I was surprised he didn't send her home on their date. The awkwardness at dinner was painful, I'd of cut it off there.

Emily is cute, but someone hit the nail on the head with the poor communication. Of course she has poor communication, that is something you learn from being in relationships, a department she is clearly deficient in. That's going to be a major problem for them if he picks her in the long run.

There is DEFINITELY something between him and Chantal. Something special. But I think she's too strong for him. Something about her, like she is almost too much for a nice guy like him. Something, for me, doesn't click for them in the long run.

Either way, I don't think he will end up married to either of them, ever.