Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bachelor Brad 2.0 - Episode Eight

Hometown week!
Such a satisfying television experience for a nosey-nancy like myself.
Just to see how others live...
pure delight on a Monday night.

I can't say I'm surprised that Shawntel was sent home.
Something wasn't right that she was totally unaware of Brad's complete state of "creep out" while she was giving him the interactive tour of the mausoleum.
"This is the scalpel I use to slice dead-people's throats and here's how I drain the blood..."
Her dad was right on when he said, "No rose for you!"

 Let's just face it...they were adorable together last night.
(And how perfect is that SI pic from the ultra-awkward photo shoot last week?)
Her teaching him some Canadian french in the down home cafe was funny.
It made me like her even more.
And, somewhere along the line I forgot that she has plans of becoming a dentist.
I love it...there's some substance behind all that fun.

 Her parents...
Oh man, I was cracking up and just wondering how in the world Brad was taking these two people seriously.
It was like Donny and Marie Osmond playing house.
(Was it just me or were they total look-alikes?)
He did seem to connect with Daddy though.
One question: How high do your ceilings have to be to prove you have money?

Emily's date was just...off.
Brad is not used to kids - that much is clear.
I just wanted to jump through the screen and tell them, "Stop staring at that little girl! Give her some space...let her warm up in her own time."
He just sat there oggling little Ricky while Emily twanged awkward things like,
"Don't you like your new kite, baby?"
"This is mah new friend."
Gosh...I'd be running away too.
And the whole issue of him not wanting to kiss Emily with a child upstairs.
A dead give away that he has no idea how to live with children around.
I loved what Emily said, "Brad, if we are together she is always going to be right upstairs."
So true.
His reaction was painfully awkward to me.
Makes me think he's not quite ready for the kid dimension in a relationship.

I know quite a few of you really liked Shawntel...how do you feel?
Surprised at her departure?
Did you think Chantal looked as hideous at the rose ceremony as I think she did?
Do you think Brad is ready to be a step dad?
Could Chantal's mom have possibly had any more plastic surgery?
Did you think Ashley's sister was totally adorable with her tattoos?
Are you completely and utterly jealous of next week's trip to South Africa?!
Do tell...


Bethany Patrice said...

Chantel...you would think that with all the money that her family has, that they'd be able to afford a stylist when going on a national tv show. Horrible, just horrible. But, she has such a pretty face and beautiful smile...and I think Brad likes her fiery personality.

Emily...how does a single mom afford a home like that?

Ashley...cutie pie.


Katie said...

HAAAAAA!!!! Donny and Marie, I said the exact same thing!! So funny. Their house was amazing though, Seattle looks like a really pretty place to live. I'm glad to see Shawntel. You don't drag a guy into your place of business when you're a Funeral Director/Embalmer. Pretty surefire way to send him running for the hills. I think also, Brad was pretty aware of the rift he'd be causing between her and her family as far as taking over the family business of death dealings, so it was wise of him to send her home. I'm not a huge fan of Ashley. They just seem like friends to me, nothing much more then that. Chantal's dress at the rose ceremony was atrocious. Someone needs to tell her that RED is not her color. She looked awful. I like her and Brad together, though. There is clearly something there.

Lyndee said...

Brad is not ready to take on someone elses kids. I thought Chantel looked so spoiled but I did like her dad. Her mom was like a Stepford wife. The money hung in the air. He will have to spoil that petulant young lady if he chooses her.I like Ashley with Brad, she has her own direction and goals and I do think Emily will bail.

Jamie Willow said...

I agree with all of your observations.

I am green with envy they are going to south africa. that is on my bucket list. it's going to make me want it more seeing the dates they have there.

ashley's sister was adorable. totally loved her.

was not a bit surprised shantel went home...I called her the "blood"inator. haha. lance and I were cracking up at how she wore a grim reaper dress to the rose ceremony.

chantel's dress was horrid. and her hair was equally as bad. not flattering at. all. she was adorable at the hometown visit, she needs to work on her "fancy" look. not good.

I think Brad and Chantel's dad were like peas in a pod. I can see why she is already in love with Brad, she probably completely doesn't realize that he is her father's clone. haha.

I keep thinking Ashley may surprise us and end up being his final pick. She is SO dang neurotic when she is around the other girls though and in those group situations...yikes. but she seemed so great on her own turf.

can't wait to see next week!

Becca Groves said...

I have a feeling the final rose ceremony is going to end with another shocker. Again, he won't propose to any of the girls, but instead he will give the final rose to Chantel's father. And then they'll just be bff's.

We just started watching last week because this blog was so entertaining. I have watched many other seasons but for some reason didn't tivo this season from the beginning. That said, Rory is confident Ashley will be the final pick. My money is on Chantel. And her dad.

ASB said...

I agree with a lot of what you wrote Ashley, and with a lot of the comments...

I knew Shawntel would go home... she seems sweet and lovely, as does her family, but there was too much against them as a couple - and I think her dad killed it for her when he said that he really wanted her to take over the family business (meaning, she wouldn't move to Austin).

Emily is wonderful and gorgeous!, but not ready for a real, serious relationship. And Brad clearly knows little about kids, geez! It was so weird that he didn't want to kiss her. I wonder how she would feel about moving to be with Brad.

I love Chantal - she seems real, even with all those emotions. Her parents look so young! Her dad and Brad seem like they could be friends! But she seems independent enough to move states to be with Brad. And Seattle, oh how I love and miss you. I think Chantal will be his choice in the end.

I love Ashley - she's spunky yet grounded. She has focus, and her own life, and yet, she seems to be happy to move to be with Brad and find a way to finish her schooling there. Her family is darling. I think if she doesn't win, I'd pick her to be the Bachelorette over Emily (who I think there has been talk about?).

Alicia Marie said...

Oh man. Chantal's house? Are you kidding me? The statue? I felt like the real chemistry was Brad and her dad, not with her. He seems the least interested in her...

Shawntel was waaaaay to creepy with the whole cremation oven and so forth. But I think it was the family issue that sent her home.

Emily is a doll and I adore her with her momma instincts. Brad needs to man up a bit here.

Ashley was a bit too much for me...but he seemed to like her. Her family was the best, and I do love a small town girl.

I would join the bachelor just to go on the trips...but my husband said no...

Maegan said...

I knew Shawntel was gone as soon as he walked into that funeral home. Her family time date was a bit awkward to watch also. Dad was a bit creepy. Reminiscent to Kirk from Alli's season(ok, not that bad..but bad)

Chantal- I totally agree about the plastic faced mom and how Brad got along with daddy.. perhaps because Brad isnt that much younger than him? I TOTALLY agree that her dress was hideous! I told my mom that I guess having money doesn't buy you a fashion sense. blah!

Emily- It WAS awkward but I think he really likes her. Ricky warmed up.. I did like that Emily gave him a peek into reality. That it would be just the 3 of them hanging out.

Ashley- It went better than I thought. I never really feel a chemistry between them but this date changed that for me.

SIDE NOTE- I was in Austin this past weekend and stayed downtown. I was totally on the lookout for Mr. Womack :)