Friday, February 18, 2011

At A Loss...

There has been a startling lack of posting here on this blog...
in comparison to my regular fast and furious post production.
I'm just sort of at a loss for words.
Not because of some huge, life-changing event.
No massive sadness or otherworldly joy.
No huge life decisions or "ah-ha moments."
Not much to say.
And, believe it or not, if I don't have anything worthwhile to say, I prefer to keep my mouth shut.
: )

Not much to say.

I know!
I'll post a picture from one of my very favorite date nights.
Our Valentine's date from this year.
A cute LBD, dinner reservations at - not one, but two - local eateries, a clean, quiet hotel room, flowers and new perfume.
Plus, my dreamy husband.
It was fun...
I was sassy.

See there?
It's bad.
I am so at a loss about what to write that I'm posting solo pictures of myself.
My self.
My. Self.

Make this madness stop.

A humble plea from me to you...
what would you like to read about on Star-Crossed?
Comment with suggestions, please.
Or else I shall continue posting second-rate model-wannabe pictures of moi.
This is bad for me and it's bad for you too.



Mrs. D said...

I happen to think you look ADORABLE in your "solo picture" .... Sounds like you had a fun date night that night! That picture certainly screams "sassy" ... 8)

Jessica said...

Ashley, you could write about how paper is made and make it sound humorous and enlightening :) I'm sure something will come to mind...

Jamie Willow said...

I hear ya. I have had very little to write/talk about the last month. My trip to the zoo finally inspired me a bit.

I think Jan/Feb are just dreary little months...

Lyndee said...

I like all your blogs even when they are short and about cookies...but I really like the ones with people in them. Like those 3 munchkins and your handsome hubby and your fine self. So for me this was a most satisfying blog and you are a most belle sassy sweetheart. Get the muse back on girl.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Hmm. Well, I liked your themed posts, like Frivolous Friday and Wordless Wednesday and the caption-writing one (can't remember what you called it - lol). I also liked the house plans one. So those are all good, as are the recipes and cute picture-filled ones. The bottom line is that you can write about whatever and just know that your readers will enjoy it. Blogging is for YOU! (But thanks nevertheless for soliciting our feedback. :)

Andrea said...

um, i just love your blog....

i would love to hear more about this 2 part date night! what are those, and how can i score one?!!