Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ten Months Old

How did it happen that this baby of mine has reached ten months old?

It's like I blinked and there he was.
All 26 chubby, dimply pounds of him;
10 months old.

I told him today, when I realized that his first birthday is heading straight for us as fast as a frieght train,
"If you decide to actually turn ONE on March 13th you will get a spank.
A serious spank."

And this, I've decided, is where the Birthday Spankings tradition originated.
A harried mother baffled by the idea of her sweet little one getting a year older.
The only answer a panicking mother has is to spank.
That's it.
Spank the kid for turning one.

Mr. B. is 28.
I am 28.
Beck is 5.
Evie is 4.
Britt is 10 months.

And I think that's as old as any of us ever need to be.
No more birthdays in the B. household.
End of story.
Forever young.

Spanks all around.


*Important note: Britt said 'bye bye' yesterday for the first time while waving his fat little hands at his Grandma Honey.
What a guy.
: )


Jamie Willow said...

and a month later I am giving Judah double spanks for turning 2. He is such a rule breaker...I told him the second he was born that he was to stay little!

Andrea said...

such a cute little guy! time goes to fast.

Kristi said...

awwww he is just adorable!! And it's CRAZY how fast time goes by isn't it?? I swear I was just pregnant with my TEN yr old twins!!! And their 2 yr old sister is growing too fast too! :( I want another one.......
Oh and I LOVE that book you blogged about a few months ago! Getting ready to buy her next one! thanks :)

Alicia Marie said...

Spank. I love it. I feel the same way. No more getting bigger!

Though my boys could probably stand to get a wee bit fatter...Britt weighs double what Colin weighs and Jack has him beat by 1 lb 14 oz. (We went to the dr recently) I want some of his cute little fatness!! (For the boys... I have plenty of my own)

Alexandria said...

i miss him. he's getting big without me!

Sarah said...

I love him. I was just thinking my baby will be 2 in May. Simply unacceptable. Spank.

Mrs. B. said...

Kristi - Are you talking about Mitten Strings? I think I saw it on your blog. :) Such a great book! I haven't read her other book, you'll have to let me know how you like it.

Sarah + Jamie - SPANK! :)

Alicia - Cracking up @ "I have plenty of my own." Lemme check...yep, me too.

Lyndee said...

Moan and spank... it does not do any good... Ira grew up, Jamie did too and Jessi Lynn and Mike and what the heck could I have done to slow it down? Now the grands are far away and I have to live on the internet to see what is going on in their sweet lives...Boo I say. Might as well hug em because you cannot spank em small.

Michelle said...

Mmmmkay. LOVE this post.

So well said, completely agree. I was laughing out loud as well as tearing up. Ran the gamut of my emotions :)

I too shall freeze myself at 28 and all my babies as they are right now. If I could also freeze my newborn-to-be in every form except sleeping patterns, I'll do that too ;)