Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Day in December - The New Year Edition

New Year's Eve.
Such a fun day.
After Christmas I'm always pretty reluctant to see the sagging strings of lights taken down,
the leftover cookies - gone stale in their tins - thrown into the trash,
and wreaths lifted from their hooks and retired until next year.

Christmas doesn't last long enough for me.
I need more celebration.
I stretch the celebratory nature of the holiday through the week between Christmas and New Years
and by the time New Year's Eve hits I'm ready for one last hoorah;
only then can I peacefully bid the holiday adieu.

The morning of New Year's Eve I woke to three sweet babies,
a cup of green tea,
and my (new and oh-so-fun) copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking open to the beouf bourguignon recipe.

Finishing up what is supposed to be the best beef stew known to man...
We shall see.
I'm hosting a tiny celebration tonight to ring in the new year.

But first...laundry.
Quite glamorous.
If "beef stew" is beouf bourguignon in french
(so much more glam!)
then "laundry" is le linge in french.
(Hmmm...yep, it might sound cuter but it is definitely still just laundry.)

le linge

It's time for me to make the croutons for our salad tonight.
A few slices of bread - cubed.
Garlic powder + salt + parsley.
Melted butter.
Toss the cubed bread in butter and sprinkle w/ salt mixture.
Bake in a single layer at 300 degrees for 15 minutes; toss and bake for 15 more minutes.

About this time the tornado warnings started howling forlornly
-hate that sound-
so I tuned into the local news.

Tornadoes in the dead middle of winter.

Baby plays with balloons while I check the weather out the back door tentatively.

 It's getting blustery and gross.
We head to the basement and spend a good hour down there cleaning up.
(The place is forever a pigsty because, as genius and brilliant as my children are,
 they apparently have not yet conquered the skill of the tidy-up.)
The cleaning up disguises my irrational fear of storms.
I'm duly distracted and we're hidden snugly in the basement.


(Those eyes!)

And kitchening.

The storm passes without incident
(but just a few towns over there were houses blown over, cars trashed and fatalities)
and I put the kids down for naps.
Sweet silence.

Silence that I used to clean up the kitchen in peace while I watched this sermon online.

There's my sink. In all her ratty-tatty glory.
Keepin' it real.

I head to Target (recognize the cart?) to do some last minute party shopping while Mr. B. sits w/ the piggies.
Dear, dear Target.

I hurry home and set the table.
The kids and Brawny Man play a little game while we wait for our guests to arrive.

They do.
: )
And we sit down to my experimental dinner by 8:30 pm.

Mr. B., Mr. M., Mrs. M. and little 6 week old Zoe girl.

Isn't it nice to have friends that you feel comfortable enough to be experimental with?

Our Menu:
fig crostini with gouda cheese and cranberry cherry chutney
beouf bourguignon
green bean medley sauted in garlic butter
roasted fingerling potatoes
crusty french bread
pistachio tarte with chocolate

I'd say the experiment went well.
The stew was so rich and had a wonderful depth of taste.
Sopping up the sauce with our bread was such a rustic luxury.

The kid's table.
Because you just have to have one.

Beck, Evie and Zion
 Around 10 pm, we told the kids it was party/parade time and headed to the backyard.

A cacophony of "Happy New Year," banging on pots, and horn blowing (sounding scarily like giant, feral geese) ensued and the kids had satisfactorily celebrated the New Year and could be put to bed.

The gang's all here...except Britt, who was sleeping. Amazingly enough.

But not until after a few pictures.

The rest of the evening was spent quietly camped out on the couch indulging in second helpings of dessert, smutty magazines and coffee.

Right before midnight Britt woke up and joined the party.

Yes, that is a baby passed out on Mrs. M.'s lap.
Hilariously adorable.
 Toot, toot!
Happy New Year.

If you found the time around the delicious holidays to document your Day in December, post it to your blog and link up here.
I'd love to see how you spent your day.
: )
And if you didn't do December, please join us this month for A Day in January.


Truly His said...

I just love your blog, Mrs. B! You inspire me to make my home so fabulous. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great job with dinner and great day in general- minus the tornado sirens..nothing sends me into a full panic mode than those sirens.

Beka said...

LOOOOOVE it!!!! :)


Love the pictures!!!

Andrea said...

Loved reading about your day! It looked really eventful! Loved the menu and pretty table!

Alicia Marie said...

Fancy Scmancy meal!! I am glad it turned out. I had pizza :(
Great big boo on the tornados though. I hate that sound. Haven't really heard them since we moved from MO.

Looks like a great party!

Jamie Willow said...

I finally posted my day! phew!