Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Book Swapping Party

A new (and already dear) friend of mine called me a few weeks ago and said something to the effect of...
"I have an idea. I think you might be the perfect person to pull it off love books as much as I do!"
She called the right girl.

Her idea was a book swap party.
Perfection, right?
Books, friends, no money spent and new- to us reads!

So we giddily planned and our party was last night.
We co-hosted at my house.
Here's how we pulled it off.

Everyone got a Swap Slip upon entering.

The number of books someone contributed is the number of books they could bring home.

And then...we browsed!

So many good books.
It gave us all a chance to talk about authors and our favorite (and least favorite) books.
And mingle over a common - and very worthy - love of books.

Fiction was set up on one table and non-fiction on another.
In the future we may include children's books.

I'm sorry about the picture quality.
But I so wanted to share our night and taking pictures with a point-and-shoot in dim lighting with no flash (flash = ick) is sort of a nightmare.

Refreshment station.

Dark Cherry Italian Sodas
Recipe HERE.

My cute li'l co-host, Jessica and Miss Trisha (one of the littlest piglets favorite ladies).
Jessica is holding one of my all time faves.
Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult...oh, those Amish, they get me every time.

The one picture to prove I was there...

Laura, Jenny and Myself.

We may or may not have been aware of the photo being taken and totally posed this shot.
Fake laughs and all.
What's a girlfriend party without fake laughs? (real ones, too!)

We all found a perch in the living room after the flurry of serious book shopping was done and indulged our appetites - homemade hummus, tarts with lovely things inside, minty brownies, pecan confections and perfect coffee (thanks, Laura!).
We talked books and children and life.
We communed.
And it was good.

There were a few, "when are we going to do this again?" comments.
So I believe it was a success.
Trying to decide if a book swap would be best left to an annual event or a bi-annual.
Speaking of books, I'm giving away one of my favorites along with some other goodies.
Click HERE for my 1,000th post giveaway and enter to win.
Find my book reviews at Insatiable Reader.
A few questions for you...
Do you buy your books or utilize the library for most of your reading?
Do you buy new or used?
Do you prefer the "big boy" book sellers like Barnes and Nobel or do you try to stick with the little book shops?
What's your favorite book...ever?


Andrea said...

Looks like such a fun party! A book swap, such a good idea!

Burkinator said...

I figure used books are cheaper than overdue fines, and our libraries here are either closed or on reduced hrs b/c of the county budget. I like any store that has the word "book" in their name, but I rarely buy anything in them when I know I can get it cheaper online. And these days, it's all about free books on my Kindle. :)

Jessica said...

Ashley, this night was just perfect. Friends, laughter, the most DIVINE truffles ever, and the beauty of the written word (insert sigh here) made for a very special evening. Thank you so much for helping me. I don't think I could wait another year to do it again! I'm thinking July with fresh squeezed lemonade, fruit kabobs, flip-flops and painted toes... hmmm...

Jamie Willow said...

so what books did you get?!

I have been buying my books at a used store, McKay's, after I turn in books I am done with for store credit. we'll see how long it lasts before I run out of books i want to part with :)

Little Women is an all time fave.

lately I have been reading those anthologies, where there are 4 short stories in 1 book...ha, they are soooo simple and predictable but that is all my mind can handle currently I suppose :)

Jamie Willow said...

oh yes, and I think you should do this 1x a year...that way it never becomes burdensome and you have it to look forward to in dreary January...