Monday, January 10, 2011

Bachelor Brad 2.0 - Episode Two

Oh boy...tonight was kind of Jersey Shore vs. The Real Housewives.
Trashy diva cat fights all over the place.

First though, can I get a "woo hoo" for Ashley H.'s gold, floaty skirted first date dress?
So cute.
They had a nice date.
Too much kissing for date #1 but no one asked me to be their conscience, so that's not my issue.

Ashley H. and Brad

The Red Cross date (with 15 girls - holy smokes!) was cracking me up.
You could see the,
"Seriously? I just want to make out with this guy and I have to jack around with 'giving back?!'"
on half the girls' faces.

Hey pouty baby 30-year-old Michelle, is it your birthday today?
It is?!?!
I almost forgot...but not quite.
Because you reminded everyone about 48 times.
"Like? Um? Today is my 30th birthday. Not my 29th, not my 31st. My 30th birthday.
Today. Today today today. Like? Ugh!"
After all of that ugliness it just got worse...
she. got. wasted.
Not adorable. 

Best quote of the night:
"Jesus does love me. That's why I will stay and she will go.
The Lord knows better..."
Did she really just go there?
This is why I watch this show.
And this: "Sorry, my pizza had onions and peppers on it tonight...and I ate four pieces."
Both of the geniuses I just quoted went home tonight.
Completely hilarious.

On the "yes" list:
Emily - Sweet southern belle with a sob story. She seems absolutely genuine.
Chantal - I'm slowly forgiving her for the slap on night #1. She may just have a good head on her shoulders.
Ashley H. - Good connection with Brad. Not a diva thus far.
Ashley S. - Still cute but didn't get much camera time tonight.

Emily - The Favorite.
On the "no" list:
Michelle - See above.
The Vampire-ess - no explanation needed.
Jackie - I feel like there was no chemistry between she and Brad.

On the "who?" list:
Alli, Britt, Lindsey, Lisa, Marissa, Meghan, Shawntel, Stacy and Sarah P.
See? You don't know who they are either.
I had to go to to even figure out their names.

Are you loving this season?
Are you forgiving Brad for his little...ahem...indiscretion last season?
Do you buy all the psychological "I'm a changed man" talk?
How you feeling?
I'm ready to hear from you!


Jamie Willow said...

Michelle was super super annoying tonight. blech. she needs to stop.

I loved how Brad was so super excited to surprise the girls on the dates, super super cute.

we had snow alerts running across the bottom of the screen the whole show so I didn't see anyones names or occupations and that made it all very confusing for me.

I was happy he sent the feuding drama girls home. so annoying. they were completely side tracked by their drama and didn't even notice Brad was there. I would have given them the boot too.

Maegan said...

JAckie had the best date ever! But I agree.. zero chemistry. They were more friends.

My fave is Emily. I agree she seems completely genuine.

OMG- Michelle. Really?! Psycho. I bet she is the one that wants to go home next time and he talks her out of it.. she seems to be the one that will get the attention any way she can. Which goes to show she is there for the wrong reasons. She just wants a claim for fame.

Im liking it this season. The drama was so petty. I knew that Rachel girl would be going home from the very beginning when she talked about how she quit her job for the show.. I was thinking, "wow you are stupid AND broke"

Alicia Marie said...

I missed the first 40 mins due to a furious deadline for bummer about a cute dress.

Crazy cat fight, batman.

These ladies are nuts.

Emily seems to be one of my favs...

But, Brad is still super cute and gets super cute about fun dates.

Those dates make me wish I could go on the bachelor...with my hubs...and without trashy chicas...just to go on those dates!! is worth watching ;)

Beka said...

I'm going to watch it right now. Didn't get to watch it last night. So I shall be back! :

Andrea said...

i missed the first 45 minutes as well, but it didn't take me long to catch up. i hated the fight between the girls, so i'm so glad they went home. i'm glad he didn't keep them.

pretty sure he has his mind made up about who he wants to keep and is just keeping some girl ah hem...Madison around for the producers sake. Pretty sure, cause why else...really?!!??

Emily..she's my fave. I actually almost don't want him to pick her because I think it would be fun to watch her be the Bachelorette next season.

Ali & Roberto's cameo seemed senseless since Brad really doesn't know them nor have a connection to them other than they were all once on the same show, but the only thing they were good for is telling Brad how awesome Emily is.

Chantel O, is growing on me as well. I like that she stays outta the drama and has her eye on the prize.

Jamie Willow said...

oh yes...forgot to comment about Ali's cameo...once again..bad bad hair. that is all.

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