Monday, January 17, 2011

Bachelor Brad 2.0 - Episode Three

Tonight's show was nice.
It was!
It just felt nice.
Sweet; even.
It felt vintage Bachelor.

Ashley S.'s one-on-one recording date was torturous hilarity and completely touching all at the same time.
The emotional connection she had with "Kissed by a Rose" was moving;
the harmonious connection was leaving much to be desired...
To: Brad n' Ashley,
No. More. Singing.
Love: Everyone With Ears.
(Seal's cameo and silky vocals patched all the sore spots right up though. He's a dream. Really.)

The great big group date a la cheesy blockbuster action flick was a bit strange.
Not my cuppa tea but it certainly seemed to be Brad's.
30-year-old-baby-Michelle, once again, stole the {freak} show.
I believe her time is up. She can go now...anytime.

Brad's one-on-one with Emily the Perfect was...well...perfect.
I was smiling from ear to ear the entire time.
Except for that 5 awkward minutes where she wouldn't tell him about her past that is obviously a very big part of who she is.
Once she got over that hurtle, she was off like lightening.
Such a likeable girl.

The Vanishing Vampire act was a strange little addition to the whole night.
What was the deal there?!
I actually think Brad's psycho-analysis of her was spot on
- he's spent enough time with a therapist to actually be one, apparently -
he said she was putting up walls because she didn't want to allow herself to be loved.
Wow. Nail on the head; I do believe.
Poor Vampire.

So...I have my top four.
Loving Chantal, The Two Ashleys and Emily.

The all-important questions...
Do you have some final picks yet?
Do you think Brad is really a changed man since his last Bachelor stint?
What was the deal with the shrink cameo appearance?
Were you as grossed out as I was when Vampire removed her fangs and set them on the table?


Jamie Willow said...

as long as he give Michelle the ax I don't care who he picks. the rest of the girls all seem really nice.

I think Brad has definitely changed, he seems a lot more present.

I loved that his shrink came...I think ALL the bachelors and bacheloretts should have a shrink :)

Vampire girl actually seemed super nice, I was sad to see her go. Did not expect that at all.

As for her fangs...I was grossed out for sure. But if she'd held them, I also would have been grossed out. And if she had whipped out a little fang case I would have been grossed out. So really...there was no good way for her to go about it. ha! totally gross.

I enjoyed tonights episode. Lots of these girls have pretty heavy stories...Brad may need his therapist to come along on a few of the dates to help those ladies out...

Jamie Willow said...

ps. did you know that him and emily are 14 yrs apart in age? I just read that somewhere.

he needs to ask his therapist about that.

Bambee said...

I really liked Ashley on the first date. The singing, horrid, but it was real. I'd be dome embarrassed if I had to sing like that.

As for Emily, cute and sweet. Something I don't care for about her. It doesn't seem like they are clicking as much as some. Plus she's SO young. If she was 18 when her bf died and the daughter is 5, she's only 23.

I didn't care for Madison (name?) from day one. Creepy. When she took the fangs out and put them on the table, I threw up a little in my mouth. Gross!

Michelle needs a boot in her butt. Not only is she a biotch, but she's a vocal one. Please. Leave. Now.

Mrs. B. said...

Jamie - Loving the FANG CASE! Haha. Oh man. I'm having jr. high retainer flashbacks.

I totally am with you on the weird age difference between Brad and Emily. It is a huge gap. That cannot be good. I wonder if they'll talk about it?

Andrea said...

I couldn't handle crazy Michelle last night, I agree it's time to go.

And, as much as I don't like Madison at all I commend her for leaving if she's realized that she's not in it for long haul and that she's not as serious as others about the process.

Emily, is my fave. She's just so darn cute and loveable. I want to be her friend. Her story is touching.

A lot of the girls seem to have issues with their Dads, (Chantel, Ashley dad died, one girl's dad cheated on her Mom, etc.) maybe Brad's therapist could come do a group session with them!

I can't figure out why they aren't showing his times w/ girls like Britt and other girls who I can't remember their names since we never see any air time with them, especially if he's keeping them around.

My tops picks: Emily, Chantel, and Ashley (Kiss my a Rose Ashley) not the other one.

Can't wait till next week, when we find out who's cheated in their realtionships before....and I'm crossing my fingers Michelle finally goes home.