Monday, January 3, 2011

Bachelor Brad 2.0 - Episode One

I like him.
I really do.

These girls, however?
Many of them give me the creeps and I smell a lot of fame seekers in this season.

The hitter, this Chantal person, needs to relax.
It wasn't sassy. It wasn't sexy. It wasn't cute.
It was mean and classless.
(But I've been hearing that the slap was planned by the who knows?)

The vampire is ridiculously sad.
She was kept for ratings and talk.

I still really like Ashley.
Sticking with what I wrote here.

Emily seems really sweet and her story is pretty heartbreaking. I think she's already got a really prominent place in his mind.

Speaking of prominent places.
I think Michelle has a prominent place in his...well...maybe not his mind, but...
Let's just say they had chemistry.
And she's gorgeous, so why not? But I think she may be a bit of a diva and a Mean Girl.
I'm not a fan of Mean Girls.

Of course there was a singer - there's always a singer on the first show of the season.
That poor girl who has underestimated her tolerance for alcohol and gets all song-birdy on the poor, awkward bachelor who has to sit and act like he's enjoying the pitiful display of un-talent.
I've decided that if I ever found myself in the situation of romance-reality-show there would be a self-imposed limit of two drinks per night so as not to totally lose myself and look like a song-bird moron.

And the girl obsessed with the butt?

Here's a good thing:
The theme song.
Kissed by a Rose.
Oh Seal...I love you.
I kind of wanted to stand up and do a swinging hair, full body sway when I heard the song.
I didn't.
Remember that two drink limit?
Yes. It serves me well.
: )

How ya feelin'?
Do you still hate Brad?


Alicia Marie said...

The one and only reason that I am watching this season is because of Brad. I love him. Big red puffy heart love him.

Not such a fan of the ladies... come on with the dancing kicks, and the waxing and the fangs...

but, I do love Brad...

Jamie Willow said...

I never hated brad...way to good looking to hate. haha.

anyhow...I hated the slap...rude and I wish he would get rid of the girl who did it...even if ABC put her up to it it was rude. No reason for physically harming someone ever IMO. ever.

Emily has a really sad story, and is a sweet heart, but the previews did not look positive...

Ashley is nice but she looks like she freaks out that he's dating other women. yeah. there's always one in the crowd.

Michelle could turn out to be good or evil...not sure yet...

I am SO happy my monday nights are back to bachelor happy :)

Mrs. B. said...

You guys...I'm such a cheater. I looked up the predictions (Reality Steve) on who was the last lady standing this season. Let me tell you...shocking!
That's all I'm going to say.
And for the record, I wish I hadn't looked.
Boo on me.

Andrea said...

I hate all the annoying gimmicks these ladies seem to have. Waxer, ick.... Jumping into his arms, get down on one knee and repeat after me? Seriously.. and the slapper please don't get me started. The producers must have said keep the slapper & fang girl! Other wise if I were a guy they'd be the first to get the boot!

Mrs.'re making me kinda wanna read the spoilers but kinda not.