Monday, January 31, 2011

Bachelor Brad 2.0 - Episode Five

It's that time again.
Bachelor time.

Let me start with the obvious.
Michelle is off her rocker.
She's flying her freak flag and I'm not sure if Brad is seeing it.
 What in the world was the "don't say a word" display?
She was trying so hard to make a sexy statement and it just came off desperate and strange.
Beka cracks me up with her look-a-like post.
When will producers let him let her go?

Chantal was a little off tonight.
Teary, demanding, and she let the "L" word slip...which I think Brad was a little charmed by.
 And her rose ceremony dress was horrid.
A disgusting black and white conglomeration.
So confusing.
So unflattering.
Let's hope what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas when it comes to that dress. 

In regards to the 2 on 1 date with The Ashleys.
(Loving that there are two Ashleys in this episode...story of my life.)
 I was actually really surprised with Brad's decision.
Not sure what he's seeing in Ashley H.
A good time? Bouncy? Nice teeth?
She just seems a bit immature for him.
Poor Ashley S. exiting to Elvis' Are You Lonesome Tonight?
(I know my sister-in-law was probably loving the Elvis show.)

Love Emily.
I love her in a scary way.
With an almost Jillian intensity.
I know...that's big stuff.
I adored Jillian.
 Brad's really on a roll with the hot-button dates with this poor girl.
First was the little plane - the same kind in which her fiance was killed - and tonight was the nascar (just a little insert here...I do NOT like nascar) awkwardness.
I loved how he handled it though.
He just kept checking in with her.
Total gentleman...
As much as you can be while you're on a date with half a dozen other weepy women.

She's pretty and he likes her.
But there's just something funny.
I can't put my finger on it.
Oh wait...maybe that "something" is that she blathered on and on about replacing blood with chemicals and moulding faces for open casket funerals.
What in the world?
T M I.
She was sort of charming though...I'll give her that.

I wasn't surprised with the women who left.
Honestly? I've already forgotten who they even were.

Random thoughts...
The previews for the rest of the season look so good.
I want to go to Africa for a safari - it's on our bucket list, always has been.
Chantal must have some good water proof mascara.
That little Alli person is actually very cute. But made herself look totally icky in regards to the Emily jealousy.
Emily's teeth are crazy white and straight.
I don't like Vegas. It's gross.
I still don't get the whole shrink on camera thing. Is he trying to get a job as Hollywood's therapist?
I'm suspicious.

Now...if you watch the show, I know you've got thoughts.
See that little button down there that says "comments"?
Push it. Type. You'll be glad you did.


Andrea said...

Tonight I think the Producers out did themselves, purposely making a date at a race track, Nascar, etc. Brad didn't know, but they did and you can't tell me that whole group date wasn't Producer driven.

The Ashely's date.... you know the producers made him do that. I have a really hard time believing that they didn't have anything to do with "suggesting" the weeks date events.

Chantel's dress, Oh Lordy...I was totally distracted by this in such a shallow way. :)

Michelle, I need her to go home.

Britt? that's all I have to say.

Emily is still my fave. Hands down.....

Even my Hubby says he can tell that Brad really likes her! Yes, the Hubs watching the Bachelor w/ me..I'm pretty sure it's his guilty pleasure.

PS- You're right I do feel better! :)

Jamie Willow said...

First of all. Viva LasVegas baby. I already have it downloaded, we listen to it in the car all the time. haha. I was in heaven getting a glimpse of the actual show...I want to go SO bad...totally jealous of that date.

Michelle is just scary. I think Brad likes kissing her cause then he doesn't have to listen to her talk. haha.

total agreement about that weird black and white dress...very distracting.

I really really really want ABC to send me on a shopping spree at that mall in Vegas with a hot guy (aka my husband) haha. Sign me up!

I am also feeling very attached to Emily. She is classy. She doesn't cry every five seconds about not getting Brad's attention. She cries honestly about real pain. And tries to hide it because she knows it's not good to use tears to get your way. Unlike all the other girls who I am convinced are trying to copy Emily in their own pathetic ways in an attempt to get some attention like clearly Brad is giving to Em. (yes, I call her Em now)

I am just dying to read spoilers...but Lance told me he wouldn't watch it with me if I did. haha. he says it is being dishonest and steals from the joy of the show...haha...he honestly said that.

I can't wait till next week!

Alicia Marie said...

I do believe that the producers control most of the show.

My hubby thinks Brad is doing yhis to become the next hollywood action star! Some of his dates are soo odd!

Hello, shopping spree. Greatest date ever.

Michelle is super crazy and way too over confident. Boys are stupid though and like the chase.

Emily is my fave. Since they already did the whole nascar/plane thing, hoprfully they will give the poor girl a break now.

Mrs. B. said...

@ Jamie - Brad kissing Michelle to shut her up...Hilarious!!! and probably true.
I love your analysis of the other girls trying to outdo Emily in the "I'm tragic...kiss me" department. I hadn't thought of that before but I think you're spot on. In some twisty way they're trying to one-up her.
Very nice psychology you've got going on there. :)

@Andrea - My husband watches too. He swears he hates it...but he has a secret crush on Emily. :)

@ Alicia - Something to think about w/ the hollywood action star dreams. I think all of these reality TV people have dreams of stardom up their sleeves. I don't think it was so much like that in the beginning of Bachelor but it's become much more of a fame-seekers big break in the past few years.
Kind of sad.

jessica m said...

Oh MY! Michelle does need to GO! And I think the others are trying the whole tragic card...

And Emily is my FAV and she is really genuine :)

Anonymous said...

I love Emily too. I read about her fiance, Ricky that was killed. Really she was very young but still is greatly affected by this tragedy. I would love to see her find her true love. Is is Brad? I don't know.....

Lyndee said...

Emily is great I agree but she will not fall in love with Brad. She will use this to know she is ready for true love. I think the little Ashley is okay, Shantell my best bet for him, Britt is not coming forward so she will leave soon. Suddenly emotional Chantell is okay but what is up with her insecurities? Michelle is not right in the head or heart. I like Jackie too but she is in the background so will disappear.