Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Work in Progress

There are some goings on in the basement of our little house.

Fresh paint coats.
(Crisp white and magnetic blackboard.)

Furniture purging and additions of new-to-us pieces.

Hanging of beloved pictures and posters.

Toy organizing.

Books, books, books.

We still have lots to do before we call the basement play/homeschool room "finished."
I'd venture a guess at mid-January.
Not necessarily because its going to be such an amazing transformation...
more because I'm a veeeery slow worker when it comes to these things.

But I have a few details that are just so cute that I just have to get them (in their unfinished state) up on the blog.

A shelf dedicated to science studies:

Sweet art to adorn the walls:
inherited from my mom.

And...my very, very, very favorite part (of course)
A special bookshelf to display our current seasonal reads:

It totally inspires the piglets to pick up a book and find a quiet corner to read in.

So, yeah. There's a LOT more work to be done down here until my perfectionist, dreamer heart is content. Bean bags; great big, colorful rugs; better lighting; a table with comfy chairs to do school work.
But my, oh my, is it coming along.

Loving it.

"Thank you" to Mr. B!
my workhorse.


Katie said...

Awesome, Ashley! I want to come learn in your basement! That spider is skeeeeery though. :)

Sarah said...

ADORE!!!! Need to see more!

Lyndee said...

You will create a wonderful space! I have every confidence in you and Ira.

Alicia Marie said...

1. Can I please borrow your husband and his skills?
2. I love LOVE the seasonal books on a shelf.
3. That fake spider is horrific.
4.I can't wait to see the whole thing...it looks so great.

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness! So gloriously cheery and child-friendly and inviting! It's *perfect*!