Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Day

This morning the sky was heavy with snow.
White flakes, small and great, drifted to make a flawless blanket;
a frosty covering for the brittle grass.

We had planned to spend our Sunday morning at church.
But, when all was said and done;
when Kenny G's Sleigh Ride was playing softly,
when the coffee was poured and steamed in our mugs,
when breakfast came and went without hurry and nary an item of "church clothes" in sight,
we decided.

We would turn this Sunday into a Snow Day of the grandest kind.

We bird-watched from behind the many-paned window,
fogging it up with our breath.
Cardinals stood in crimson relief against the snow.
They seemed happy to be put in such spotlight, with thier pristine backdrop of white.

The green & red scenes of White Christmas played mutely on the TV;
only to be turned up when a song and dance number came on.

There were reading parties hosted spontaneously on the couch.
We indulged in our favorite Christmas themed stories.

Padded coats, rustling snow-pants (2 sizes too small), and boots were dug from the basement
and tugged on.
The piglets waddled into the white.
Pink noses, sparkly eyes and mittens never looked so charming.

I stirred the hot chocoalte on the stove until it just bubbled and it waited patiently for cold little bodies requesting a warm drink.
Heavy cream whipped into fluffy topping.
Drizzled with caramel.
Peeked out the kitchen window to see how the snow angels were coming along.

A baby in Christmas jammies and green-stripey leg warmers snuggled warmly against me.
He watched the snow and nursed intermittently.
I had the sense that this was a precious moment...
and I stroked his cheek.

The snow-babies came in.
They sipped the cocoa with happy faces and asked for more.
"Later, buddies." I said, "Now it is nap time."

And they went.
Ready to pile the covers over their heads and play at hibernation.

Now it is quiet.
Brawny Man snores on the couch.
I sit, watching the sun emerge and turn the snow from shadowy blue to startling white.

I need to go get groceries.
I need to venture out in the chill.
A slushy trip to market.

Somehow, though it wasn't spent in the walls of church, this morning felt sacred.

And, so, I'll go about my day - getting things done -
and hold in my heart the feeling of our Snow Day.


Jamie Willow said...


Anonymous said...

very sweet day....ours was good too,but in the usual way...see you in the morn. m

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Sweetness - both the words and the photos. Thanks for capturing this so well.

Redbird Rachel said...

I'm waiting to read your first love story novel. Your words are so beautiful, I'm sure you could write a great one. Nicholas Sparks better watch out!