Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mrs. B's Favorite Things

Not nearly as extravagant as her favorite things.
But favorites nonetheless.

A book by MaryJane Butters

A dreamy book of captivating pictures, stories and quotes to inspire the indoorsiest of women to G E T OUTSIDE and explore nature in the most girly and glorious fashion.

Her magazine is one of my favorites, too.
Total farmgirl (or farmgirl wannabe) heaven.

The blessing basket project works to reduce poverty in developing countries by paying Prosperity Wages for artisan products. This model results in permanent financial independence for the artisan.

I have wanted a blessing basket for a few years - since my little sister turned me on to them - I got mine for my birthday this year.
This is simply The Cutest Way to carry all of my mommy must-haves.

Starbucks Venti Holiday Cold Cup

This cup makes me happier than any cup has a right to.
So so happy.
: )

I've received one as a gift and given one as a gift.
Both times I was extraordinarily glad to do so.

Little Women
The movie.

And the book...but, for this list, the movie.
My favorite movie to burrow in and watch during the holiday season.
Quite possibly the best thing Winona Ryder has ever done.
Susan Sarandon too.
And Claire Danes.
And Christian Bale and Kirsten Dunst for that matter.
Oh, Marmee...

The second sister inspired favorite on my list.
And, not coincidentally, the second socially conscious favorite as well.
That sister of mine, she's a good one.

A new find for me.
A local design studio/store that absolutely has my number when it comes to design I love.

Their Siberian Fir candle has been casting it's heady fragrance throughout my house making it smell like a Christmas fir forest in here.

These are the things that delight me.

Compile a list of your Favorite Things
(Oprah style...or notsoOprah style)
and link back here so we can take a tour of every one's favorites just in time for last minute Christmas shopping.


Annie said...

oddly enough, yesterday I was thinking how I should do a favorite things post, so I think I will! I'll be back to link up :)

Andrea said...

I love Little Women, and my Starbucks cup too! Great list!

Lyndee said...

I have enjoyed your lists so I decided to do mine. But first I really scrubbed my bathroom in case this took all my energy and I am soooooooooooo glad I did. Fantasy is both energizing and energy draining. Check mine out!

Katie said...

I was eyeing a pair of Tom's shoes earlier this week at Nordstrom. I might have to get myself a pair after the holidays. Loved your list!!!! And I've been looking for one of those Starbucks cold cups for MONTHS and none of my Starbucks have them. :( I've tried....and tried...I waaaant one! :(

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Nice Post! I might join you tomorrow if I find time... I am sewing kiddo some pj's for Christmas Even.

I figured I was romanticizing chickens too... turns out they do poop ALOT but I think I am noticing that more cause they are inside more now then 5 weeks ago. They are wonderful though... seeing them by my back door like that is just dreamy.

Alexandria said...

good one.

i think i need a new pair of TOMS ... we should shop together! :) they have KIDS ONES that are so cute!!!

i have one of these posts in the making .. i'll link when i'm ready! :)

Michelle said...

LOVE favorite posts!!! Thanks for sharing!

I would very much like a venti cold cup.

Wondering what you fill yours with?? Straight iced coffee? I can't do it. If there's a recipe, I'd love to know it :) :)

vintage girl at heart said...

love your faves!!
i plan to get one of the Blessings baskets..what a fabulous cause! we have so much when many have none.

Alicia Marie said...

big fan of toms...need to get a new pair soon. Love little women as well...

I linked up...for now. My pictures kinda freaked out a bit...may try to fix them...

Andrea said...

took me a few days, I linked up! :)

Jamie Willow said...

I linked up finally! Took me forever to come up with a list of things I love...but I did it! fun!