Friday, December 3, 2010

A Merry Advent - Days One, Two and Three

Advent is such a special time.
There is a magical...yet spiritual quality to the time between December 1st and Christmas day.

The addition of an advent calendar to our December days has been greeted with much cheer from the piglets.
As soon as they caught a glimpse of our beloved wooden house with 25 little doors (yay, Target!) they were practically vibrating with the desire to open one and see what was behind it.

I have it hanging on a wall this year - quite out of the reach of curious little hands.
I'm not the most creative person on the planet.
But I wanted to give you an idea of how we celebrate the season of advent.

Some days are creative and inspired.
Some days are a skittle hidden behind the door.
: )
Hopefully we see more of the creative kind this season.

Advent Day One:
A note leading to a treasure hunt.

This is a new book I ordered for the piglets this year. Finding it hidden under Evie's bed (the delighted squeals were infectious) was the first time they'd seen it.
Such a sweet little story.
If not the most theologically sound book I've ever read.
Here's my review of it on The Petit Bookshelf.

Advent Day Two:
Which garnered just as much excitement as the book on day one.

Advent Day Three:
A note saying they had to accompany Grandma Honey to the store for treats.

I'm not sure how this one went over - although I'm sure it was a good reception - Grandma Honey had the pleasure of helping them open the door for day three.

Here's the thing:
Filling the advent calendar doesn't have to be the most creative process.
Many times I just think of things we were going to do anyway and put a little note in there that makes it an "advent activity."

Just as long as it feels like Christmas and puts a smile on those impish little faces, you are golden.

Beck, Britt, Evie and cousin Judah.
by Jamie
Here's to a Merry Advent!


------------------------------ said...

this is perfect. day #1 was so cute.

you are good at creating memories and tradition that your children will look forward to & remember forever. good mama :)

Alicia Marie said...

I love advent calendars. Great idea. I am hoping to do the same next year with my boys, when they are a bit older.

Natalie said...

that last picture is priceless!