Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Like Bread and Butter

Today the piggies and I made butter.
It just totally indulged my Susie Homemaker side to type that out.
: )

I just started reading to them from Little House in the Big Woods.
The classic by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Gosh, I adore these books.
(Notsomuch on the tv series. Totally cheesy and lame. But the books? Yes, yes, yes.)

The big piggies loved hearing the story of Laura and her family in the woods of Wisconsin.
It's an extra bonus that Gramma Lynda lives there so there was a frame of reference.
There may have been a few squirms and sighs while I was reading the account of how to smoke meat in a hollowed out tree trunk. Ha!
But, all in all, I think they'll look forward to cosying up to a jaunt with Mary, Laura and Pa.
"Pa?! They call their dad Pa?!"

In chapter two there is a run down of how the girls make butter from cream.
When Beck showed interest, I offered to make butter with him.
He was game - and, of course, if Beck is game, so is Miss Evie.

We poured some heavy cream into a jar that has a tightly fitting lid.
And shook.
And shook.
And shook.

This took the place of churning.
Because, as hard-core Ingall's lovers as we are, we don't own a butter churn.

It takes about 5 minutes of good shaking to get your cream to turn into a soft, butter consistency.

The fat turns to butter and the milk separates.
And you have a sweet little mound of new butter amidst the milk.

Fish the lump of butter from the milk and put it into cold water.
I'm not sure why...but Laura told us to, so we did.
: )

Add a bit of salt to your butter and mix.
just a wee bit.

Spread generously on toast.

 Lick your fingers.

The perfect mid morning snack when paired with a mug of hot cocoa.

These are the types of lessons I look forward to doing with the piglets as they get older and we hit homeschooling more formally.

Who wouldn't want to learn this way??


Lori B said...

You 'wash' it so it will keep longer, to rinse away the buttermilk so you can make buttermilk pancakes!

I also discovered I can make butter using my stand mixer. :o)


Mrs. B. said...

Thanks, Miss Lori! :) Such a wealth of knowledge.

Cupcake Mama said...

Letting my bread machine do the work, but we will have fresh bread with our dinner tonight. We have done the butter thing before - lots of fun!
I am reading the Little House series with Miss M - just about to start #3. She wants to try the maple sugar on snow candy. I promised we would - the next REAL snow we get!

Alexandria said...

good mama :)