Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Day in November

It's December. 
This is A Day in November.
I know...I'm late.
It's fine.
You're fine with that. 
Punctuality is overrated.

I documented November 26th, which just happened to be Black Friday...
which just happened to find Mr. B. and I still awake at midnight browsing these:

That's right, people. We were going shopping!
And fun.
And had us reminiscing about the times in college when our dates would start around 11pm - after all the floor meetings, activities-committee planning, studying and various other college-ish duties.
We felt 19 again.
(Except for the extra 15 lbs and nagging shoulder pain I've experienced since being pregnant with a gigantic baby and Mr. B's (shhhh...) slightly receding hairline.)

We spent Thanksgiving in Nashville with my sweet sister-in-law and her family.
She, graciously, offered to stay home with our sleeping kids while we gallivanted through the night.

The Midnight Crusaders

Where do you go to shop at midnight in Tennessee? you might ask.
Well, my dears, that question has a rather obvious answer.
To Wal Mart, of course!
Something about seeing a Wal Mart parking lot full to the brim in the middle of the night is actually quite disturbing.
I think I said, "Oh my gosh, this is gross," when we pulled in and couldn't find a spot.
So...we shopped.
And we did get some decent deals.

A secret: Black Friday is the ONLY time my husband will shop with me.
And Wal Mart is just about the only place he'll go on Black Friday - along with a few other...ahem...high class establishments (catch my sarcasm?).
Thus, I go shopping with him on Black Friday.
Otherwise we'd never get our Christmas shopping done together.
There's my disclaimer.

We rolled back in to Jamie's house around 2 am.
Greeted warmly by the "Thanksgiving Tree", which has been a staple for a few years now.
: )
That Jamie, celebrating her holidays, gotta love her.

So, yeah, let's go to bed.

A few hours later...

Around 8 on Friday morning.
I get up and check my suitcase only to realize I haven't brought any pants on my trip.
No. Pants.
So, I throw on my leggings with a sweatshirt - an outfit I'm positive I saw modeled at Wal Mart in the middle of the night - and we get ready to go shopping again.

But not before I track Jamie down to loan me nephew Judah's baby powder to sprinkle in my greasy hair.
My goodness, this is a high-class blog post.
Wal Mart, leggings + sweatshirts, greasy hair.
I'm a mess.
But I'm also on vacation, so it's okay.

Evie pulls a few strings and convinces us to take her with on our bargain hunting.
I dress her up cute as can be in a candy cane-esque dress and a side bun at the nape of the neck.

Pass cutie-booty nephew Judah while he is busy with the business of playing.

On my way down the stairs I admire the photo wall.
Lance and Jamie are both great little photographers and their love of photography, art and people is portrayed on these stairwell walls gorgeously.

Here's the scene in the family room.
Mr. B. ready for his day with the boys.
Evie posh and ready to shop.
Jamie nursing nephew Judah - sweetness - and chatting with Sister Jessi.
Hustle Bustle.
Let's get on the road!

...but not before I kiss my boyfriend goodbye.,,

Now we can go.

We hit a few shops and managed to skip line ingeniously at Kohl's.
Where I picked up some pants.
No worries, I'm not the Pantless Wonder all day.

Refueling at Panera.
Let me just say a word about my sister in law.
She's one of my very best friends.
We have endless amounts of fun together.
She is the most open-hearted, unassuming, bubbly, faithful, real person I know.
xo to Jamie.

Aaaaand, gush-fest is over.
Let's resume our shopping.

We couldn't pass up Barnes and Nobel.
Or the free gift-wrap on the way out the door.

How many grandma ladies does it take to wrap a gift?
: )

Pause for a photo-op.
Let's keep in mind I was up until 2 am?
Be kind.

We returned home to find a family room full of cardboard forts and the fearless man-sitter lounging comfortably in the bane of my existence his favorite sweatpants.

The spoils of the day.

Time for the boyfriend to get a diaper change.
You know it's true love when you'll change your boyfriend's nappy willingly.
I think I read that in Cosmo once.

A little check of my favorite blogs.
I honestly think Cherry might have the very best blog to read around the holidays.
Her home is perfect Christmas wonderland.
So cosy.

The piglets play with cousin Judah's new-to-them-therefore-they're-awesome toys while I go wash off all that shopping.

Obligatory towel on the head.

And now we dress the kids up in their matching Christmas pj's
(one of the joys of parenting - dressing your children in silly matching pajamas...why does that make mothers so happy?!) and ready ourselves to head to the Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas sights.
Someone isn't happy about this idea.
He let us know.

Round up the caravan.

The gorgeous lights and faaareeezing cold weather shocked us promptly into the Christmas spirit.
It was sort of magical.

Another thing about parents and dressing their kids alike - when everyone is twinned out there must be torturous amounts of photos taken.
It's a rule.
And there were.

While everyone else was busy riding the miniature Christmas train,
Britt and I stole away to a private corner for a fill-up.
He's so sweet, that boyfriend of mine.
Mr. B., Evie, Beck, Brother-In-Law Lance, Nephew Judah.

This is the point in the night where I realize I am blessed beyond words.
Beyond comprehension.
Look at how beautiful these people are.
These perfect, healthy children.
These handsome, Godly men.

A walk through the hotel to gaze at the twinkle-lights.
Pretty, right?

Jamie had a totally satisfying meal of BBQ sandwiches from our left over turkey when we arrived home.

After dinner we put the little ones to bed and found ourselves watching the best of Will Ferrell SNL
More Cowbell, anyone?

And, what's a Day in November with out a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies and a mug of decaf to end the night?
We watched a great movie - one of those that will stick with me for quite sometime - I recommend it.

There it is!
My day in November.
You want to know what's extra awesome about this post?
My sister-in-law documented the same day.
So she's got a different perspective.
And she's definitely got better pictures.
Hop on over to her blog and check out her post on Black Friday.
It's super cute.

Join us later this month for A Day in December.


Jamie Willow said...

love love love!

you took adorable pictures and summed it all up just perfectly!

I am so glad we had a chance to share a day together! well, actually all the days around my most favorite was beyond fun.

we'll do it again some time for sure :)

Sarah said...

You girls are so dang adorable. I wish I was in that sisterly clan of yours. Cute babies. For real. Evie has some serious style. Did you get all your shopping done?

Mrs. B. said...

Not ALL of it. But most. :)

Alicia Marie said...

I really REALLY love all the stripey pjs. And Evie and her style.And that Jamie documented it too. Where did you get those pjs?

oh yeah...i linked. My day was not nearly as fun.

Andrea said...

Great day. I loved reading both your perspectives. :)

Love the matching jammies, I really wish my Husband liked that idea.

Annie said...

This is FANTASTIC! love it! I didn't get around to posting a day this month :( I'll be back at it next month though!

It seems like a VERY FUN DAY!

Katie said...

I love that you call Britt your boyfriend. I call Luc my lover. :) Something about the mommy/baby boy bond. Fun day, love your post, as usual...