Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

Holiday Love Sketch Christmas 5x7 folded card
Make a statement with custom Christmas cards at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

So very excited to celebrate Britt's first Christmas.
Christmas is for babies. (& piglets)

I'm having a merry time designing gorgeous photocards on shutterfly.

Shutterfly is notorious for their high-quality photo projects.
From photo calendars, to Christmas cards, to adorable birthday invitations.

I have a friend, Katie, who is totally in love with shutterfly's photo books.
She makes spectacular photo books every year and raves about them each time she sees her finished product in person.
My sister in law is a loyal shutterfly photobook customer as well.
(Their satisfaction with the product may have a little something to do with how stinkin' beautiful their children - the subject of their books - are.)

I've used shutterfly for the announcements of my past two babies.
I was more than impressed with the clarity and vibrant colors of the announcements I created.
Their designs available on the website are really gorgeous.
They span from classic styles to retro to modern and with the individualization options you're almost sure to come up with something totally unique.

And, yeah, this is a commercial for shutterfly...obviously.
But wanna know why?
Shutterfly is terribly generous and has offered 50 free cards in exchange for me writing a little blog about how grand their products are.
Really. That's all I had to do.
I suggest you take the shutterfly love to your blog too and get yourself 50 free Christmas cards to paste the mugs of your adorable children...or dogs...
and send to your beloveds.

I dare you not to get addicted to creating fun photo cards.
Endless possibilities, people.


Sarah said...

I need to squeeeeze that chubbolicious babe. For real.

Katie said...

You and me, both! Isn't it so fun to make these cards??