Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: The End.

Browsing some favorite blogs I've seen lots of years end recaps and "Top 10's."
I'm nothin' if not a band-wagon hopper.
So, here I am.
With my own Top 10's.

10 Most Popular Posts:
as indicated by my super high-tech blog analytics
(aka, page views, comments, and general feedback)

#1 - Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies
I was right, they ARE the favorites!

#2 - Little Bodies; Big Immune Systems Series
Part One
By the incredible decrease in our doctors visits from Fall '09 to Fall '10 I can safely say my advice was spot on.

This one...oh...I can't read it w/out crying. Neither could you.

The best cut-out cookie recipe...and some pretty cute pictures too.

This edition, along with all the others in the "A Day in..." series have been such interactive fun.

Waaaay too excited about the upcoming new season of The Bachelor...and the blogs to go with it.

#7 - New Quote
Nothing like a little controversy to get the commenters a'commentin'! : )

And all the mama's said, "Amen!"

Kind of makes me wonder if I shouldn't bring the Floor Plan posts back...

Loved the linky aspect of this list and the reading of everyone's favorite things.

My 10 Favorite Posts:
as indicated

About Britt

A few of my favorite things.

I found a way to put it into words.

One of my favorite days in 2010.

Um? Yum.

A total love-fest. And why not?

About Evie.

Because it just feels so good to come clean.

The lisping faux pas was just too sweet.

Favorite room in the house...thus, favorite post.


Jamie Willow said...

oh man, so many good blogs :) it was a blessed year for sure!!!

Andrea said...

Great List! Many of my faves made the list too! :)

Can't wait for your Bachelor re caps this season...I sooo missed them!

Anonymous said...

Great list. Some of my favorites too! But...we miss you!