Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've been feeling quite Holiday-ready for awhile now.
And since the weather is finally matching with the time of year - goodbye, 70 degrees, see you in May - I feel right about letting myself go...
I'm ready to get Thanksgiving-y.

Here's what we've had going on...

We cooked up a big, ruby red pot of this amazing Cranberry Ginger Chutney at my mom's a couple of weeks ago.

Auntie Alli has had some free time in her crazy schedule to bestow upon the piglets.
She visited our house and was persuaded to drop it all on the spot to read the book-gluttons a few stories.
(Like mother, like babies.)

Lit candles and fresh bread from La Brea bakery via Costco.
Although it's not as domestic and warm as baking up my very own loaf - which I do from time to time -
it's much quicker and (dare I say?) just as delicious.

And, if dimly lit nights of book browsing, fresh bread and cranberries don't get you in the festive spirit, the sight of a fierce Indian and sweet Pilgrim should do the trick.

From this Star-Crossed girl to you and yours:
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lyndee said...

Thanks for the glimpse of your lives there. I am mailing out Advent Calendars for Beck and Evie today. You should have them by Dec 1!