Friday, November 5, 2010

Nigella Kitchen

Nigella's new book is out.

We all know how I feel about Nigella and her Food Network show.
So when I heard that she was in my city for her book tour I was so there.
In the past year I've tried to attend book signings by some of my favorite authors (her and her) and for one reason or another - sickness, the babysitter backing out - I haven't been able to go.
Not this time, folks! I was going to make the Nigella appearance.

Evie waits in line for the book signing.

My little cook-in-training came with me.
She was so excited to meet "Ungella."
: )

Nigella, in all her Domestic Goddess glory.
 She was totally gorgeous.
Looked just like on TV.
Although, I'm not sure what else she would look like. 
I guess it was just comforting for her to be the exact same woman she is on the screen.

Evie and I might have been a little star-struck.
In our quick moment of time with her we got to hear what funny names her nieces and nephews call her and how cute she thought Miss Evie was.

I've been absolutely delighted with the bits I've read of her new book. 
She has such a way with words and her book reflects that. 
One of the only cook books I've come across that reads like literature instead of a dry account of ingredients and measurements.

This was such a fun experience.
I might have a new addiction to book signings.
I might...

The inscription on the inside of my copy:
For Ashley and Evie
with love,


Jamie Willow said...

awesome! what a fun mother daughter memory :)

Sarah said...

FUN!! I have always wanted to go to a book signing. Loving Evie's tights. LOVE.

StephG said...

That is SO cool!!!!