Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Love...

  • the excitement in Evie's voice as she proclaims, of her own accord and not by any promise of mine, "Mama is going to teach me to play the piano." And I will...because how can I turn that down?
  • this blog. Absolute eye candy inspiration from fashion (mostly fashion) to baking to decorating. In another life I kinda wanna be her.
  • the dog sprawled at my feet, sawing logs.
  • the quietness of my house on Tuesdays - the day the big piglets spend at preschool.
  • this post by Cherry. Be sure to scroll down to her cosy table-setting at the bottom of the post.
  • this hat, crocheted by a friend from high school. And this hat. And...well, her entire adorable etsy shop.
  • online Christmas shopping. Here and here, here and, of course, here
  • the transformation of my basement from ugly storage/laundry/playroom/total and utter disgrace to bright, cheery homeschool central. It's a slow process - as all Star-Crossed projects tend to be - but I will share the fruits of our labor via photos as soon as it is presentable.
  • the prospect of my birthday on the horizon.
  • Thanksgiving looming (in the way only a sweet holiday can). Late nights spent laughing and eating with far-away family, while the little ones are snug in their beds just up the staircase. I can't think of a joy more satisfying.
  • this homeschool room. Yeah, I'm totally taking notes. Although I have no hopes that my room will be as perfectly pulled off as this one.
  • the sound of all three children laughing at the same time. Like, side-splitting, tears running down their faces, belly laughing. It totally sounds like munchkinland when you hear them getting carried away in the next room. I half expect to walk in on them mingling with the Lollipop Guild and Glinda the Good Witch when they start in on the giggling. This has to be my number one happiness at this point in life; hearing the munchkinland laugh.
  • the feeling that this might just be my most favorite holiday season to date. I just have a good mojo going about Thanksgiving/Christmas 2010.


Lyndee said...

I am glad for you! Be happy in all the stages you can. Despite the stress of school looming enjoy the moments and live by your day planner writing in time for the fun during school. I wish you well. Those days are done for me but oh I do remember them. My life is now a life of contemplation, mentoring and service with forees into art and cooking for creative flow. I am held hostage but plan to be a prisoner who worships in all situations. Bliss is finding the way despite the roadblocks and detours. I shall with God's help make it through to the end with JOY!

Amber said...

I agree! I feel great about this holiday season. Perhaps it is because I feel so blessed and happy this year with baby #1 on the way! :)

Alicia Marie said...

I heart Emily and want to live her life too...

Excited to look at the new to me online toy stores. Looks like fun.

Babies laughing is the BEST...better than the perfect blog life or store or organized houses. The best.