Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fat & Happy

Warning: this post is all about food.
Which, admittedly, my entire blog has been about lately. I like to eat. Get over it.
But it's okay, because this is sort of the season that one can obsess over food and not seem like an absolute nut case (no pun intended).

If I were a "good" blogger - the kind that inspires people to take their dining room table and marvelously turn it into a king-sized bed with tufted headboard with only $5 and a distressed paint job or decorate their entire house with strands of hand-glittered Fruit Loops for the holidays - I would take my favorite store-bought snacks and figure out a way to whip them up in my own kitchen...
The title of this post is "Fat and Happy."
And you don't get that way by having the get-up-and-go it takes to create a new bed, string cereal around your house and make all your favorite treats from organic scratch.
No sir. No ma'am.

I buy many of my snacks and eat them out of boxes.
And I like it that way.
(Although, as you know, I do like a good homemade something for balance. A little yin to my yang.)

So here, is a list of some of my favorite snacky items in honor of the Holidays.
(By no means is this a comprehensive list...I could go on for days. See post title.)

First, I must start with the King of all wintery treats.
The Starbucks Peppermint Mocha.
(and his gorgeous sisters.)

yum. yum. and yum.

Best Hummus on the planet.
Besides My Sister's Hummus, of course, but we're talking store-bought goodies right now,
none of this homemade mumbo-jumbo.
Instant, bought-it-at-the-store-and-can't-wait-to-get-home-to-crack-open-the-crinkley-packaging gratification.
Trader Joe's Cilantro and Jalapeno Hummus.

Candy Cane Joe-Joe's.
Also from TJ's.
Best Christmas treat.

Okay, this one has some assembly required. Don't hate me.
S.Pellegrino sparkling water and a splash of fruit juice.
Icy. Refreshing. Sparkly.
(Mostly) healthy.
I've been loving mine with pineapple, cranberry or pomegranate juice.

This next one I found at this grocery store.
(Sorry to all the grocery snobs...I shop here a lot with the comforting thought that TJ's is owned by the same company so it can't be all that bad.)
Priano brand Pizzelle.
Pizzelle is this super-thin Italian waffle type cookie (flavored in vanilla or anise) that is crispy and lovely and completely satisfying with a gooey layer of
slathered on top.

I'm a sweet-lover.
I come by it honestly; both of my grandmas can put away their fair share of Dairy Queen (or "DQ" as she has affectionately dubbed it) or cherry-topped cheesecake like no other.
But...a girl's gotta get her sodium in somewhere.
Look no further than Costco's Rice Crackers w/ Nuts.
Holy Asian-Party-in-Your-Mouth.
So, so good.

And, lest you think I'm a disgusting, processed food consuming glutton, I will tell you that I have been devouring perfectly ripe pears in droves...or bushels...or whatever large quantities pears come in.

Although I makes jokes about being fat and happy...I really am not all that fat.
My pre-occupation with food is nicely balanced by the raging metabolism only a nursing mom (and adolescent boys) can boast.
So, I'm living it up while I've got the chance.

Thinking that it might not be all that terrible to forsake nursing school for a full-time occupation as a wet nurse.
Do people even use wet nurses anymore?
I kid...I kid...
sort of


Burkinator said...

You would post this five minutes before I'm about to leave the office and head home ... passing by TJ's on the way. And Starbucks.

As I used to say to your SIL when we were in college: "You're KILLIN' me, Baldwin!"

Redbird Rachel said...

I've never tried the Candy Cane Joe Joe's, but I will definitely make it a point to buy them... maybe tomorrow!!

Saundra said...

Ashley, my dear, you know I love you but am abit disappointed.....where is the chocolate? So, to save you, I'll throw in my favorite....Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Squares filled with that ever-so-delightful thin filling of caramel,,,,yummmmm.

Stacy said...

You're funny! And I *LOVE* Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha. Oh, YUM.

Saundra said...

Please accept my official apology for being totally stupid about what qualifies as chocolate! I'm sooo sorry, I live in a box.

Annie said...

my mouth is drooling. seriously. YUM. I can't wait to try the candy cane JoJo's...why haven't I seen these!!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh my gosh - I think I gained ten pounds just reading this post - I, like you LOVE FOOD! Seriously. Don't get in between me and my food!

Those oreo thingys look divine! I never, hardly ever eat pre-made stuff but the other night I saw a package of Newmans Own O's - organic, mint flavored... I had to have them. With a tall glass of Organic milk... I never drink milk... I broke like 40 of my rules in one sitting.

It rocked.

Your brat/food comment was hilarious. Really, I HATE it when kids turn their nose up at perfectly good food. Good for you and your broccoli loving babies. I was out of food the other night and my kids each SNARFED down a plate of broccoli for dinner like they were freakin gummy bears (which they've never had :)