Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bright Copper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens

It's Saturday.

I think the family is heaving a collective sigh of relief.
It was a busy week - evidenced by my lack of blogging and the foreboding scratchy throat/sinus headache combo I've got going on.

Today is a day of comforting movies.
(My raindrops on roses.)

Cream of wheat, thick with butter, sugar, a splash of vanilla warming our insides.
(Crisp apple strudels.)

Little bodies snug in their cotton jammies, burrowed under quilts.
(Warm woolen mittens.)

A pot steaming with chicken noodle soup.
(Bright copper kettles.)

A melee of arms and legs tangled on the couch at story time.
(Cream colored ponies.)

Nursing an endless mug of hot tea.
(Brown paper packages.)

If it weren't a strange, balmy 55 degrees out I would have a fire lit cozily in the hearth.
Except...I don't have a hearth.
No matter. I doesn't do to think about the dog bites and bee stings on a day like today.

Today we will be homebodies.
How will your Saturday be spent?


Jamie Willow said...

Judah and I are going to be doing as much snuggling as you possibly can with a wiggly toddler...and some cleaning would be good to do as well. It has been an icky couple of days but today feels hopeful that it is getting better.

Burkinator said...

I finally have a free Sat, but Tim has to work. Thankfully, he's going to pick up work at the office, bring it home and at least make some dough while we sit around doing nothing. In his words, "I'd better leave now so I can come back." I was thinking of making my grandma's apple cake and watch the Sound of Music ... and now that you've referred to SOM directly, I think I have to.

Anonymous said...

Well I ran around preparing for the annual Chili Bonfire glad that it cooled down enough to have a bonfire only to have it pushed inside by the noisy few who didn't dress for the occasion!
so busy I could not call my daughter back....sorry
xoxoxo M

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Now this is good blogging.
VERY CREATIVE. Nicely done.
My Saturday was spent on my Grandparents farm.. a bit more fun than the flu but we had it ten days ago and we hunkered down with Julie as Mary Poppins instead!

Paula said...

I just love The Sound of Music!!!

Jin said...

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