Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Speakin' My Language

Have you ever read the book The Five Love Languages?
(If you haven't and you're married, a parent, a friend...or have ANY relationships AT ALL, shame on you!
Pick up a copy and read. Right away.)

I am firmly in the camp of two of the love languages: words of affirmation and receiving gifts.
You want to know something? God must have decided that I need a big dose of that lovin' feeling lately because there have been some beautiful instances of affirming words sent my way. Emails telling me how much the words I write here mean to people. Assurances that I truly am a beautiful woman - without even trying. Encouragers coming out of the woodwork.
And this was enough for me.
It was more than enough.
My tank was full, and I was feelin' it.
Not in a nose-in-the-air prideful way, but in a grateful, you're-making-me-blush sort of way.

And then, yesterday, a package arrived.

Totally unexpected. I couldn't imagine what could be inside.
I didn't order anything.

I opened the box and pulled out a Kindle ereader.

A gadget that I've had my (insatiable) eye on since they came on the market a few years ago.
There was a note.
My sister-in-law; she was the giver.
An early Christmas/Birthday gift.
Really? Really?!

I was a puddle of melty, mushy, 'you love me, you really love me!' goo.

This gift spoke to me.
Not because it was an expensive gadget.
 (But it is seriously cool. She got me the Big Poppa with all the bells and whistles and I think it even came with a marching band, too.)
This gift meant that someone cared enough to think about the things that make me tick.
Someone valued me enough to save up for close to a year (or more?) and splurge on me.
She did it just for the sheer joy of giving me joy.
She wasn't even there to see my receive the gift.
Her gratification had to come in the form of a teary (yes, tears) phone call from me asking,
"Thank you! but why?!"
She did it for no other reason than she cares.
This gift is worth so much more to me than electronic books at my fingertips...
It's the love of a friend.
She was totally speakin' my language.
Like she'd done it all her life.

And you know what it makes me want to do?
Not my Kindle; other people.
I want to read them.
Dig around and find out their love languages and speak to them.


Mrs. V. said...

That was really beautiful to read, Ashley! Jamie is the sweetest, and you totally deserve the love :) The relationship you two have inspires me to be a better sister to my two sis-in-laws! <3 you both!

Alexandria said...

this is so awesome.

i don't know why, but i almost cried :) i am happy about it.

love you.

Lyndee said...

I didn't know anything about this ahead of time and it was truly a wonderful statement about your friendship with Jamie. Blessings on your both. My love language has changed over the years and my top two are acts of service and gifts. Gifts are such fun ways to express your caring for one another. If we can nail it and make someone truly excited and happy with a gift it brings as much joy to the giver as the recipient. Love you. Read with ease, both on the Kindle and in the hearts of your family and friends.

Stacy said...

I always joke with my husband that I need ALL of the love languages. (Why pick just ONE?) ;)
What a fun gift! And I love how you summed it up: now it makes *you* want to bless someone else as much as you were blessed! :)

ps: I just finished a GREAT book: Belong To Me, by Marisa De Los Santos.

Truly His said...

SO sweet! What a great post!!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect gift for you!! I just want to add to that you have always been an inspiration to me too and your blog is always so encouraging!

Jamie Willow said...

And you know what it makes me want to do?
Not my Kindle; other people.
I want to read them.
Dig around and find out their love languages and speak to them

love that! you have such a way with words...

love you girl...can't wait for you to bring that gadget at thanksgiving and show me how fun it is!!!

joemmama said...

What a thoughtful gift! You will enjoy it immensely!!

Maegan said...

that is awesome Ashley! What a wonderful gift and a wonderful sister in law. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones :)