Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Skeletons - Out of the Closet

I don't like to craft.

It's too messy and time-consuming.

My house is a mess.

That I just can't seem to stay on top of.

I'd rather read a good book than workout or mop my floor.

...and sometimes I do.

I'm not a great gardener.
My container garden is just about all I can handle.

My lawn hasn't been mowed in an ungodly amount of weeks.

...yes, I said weeks.

Sometimes I look forward to winter so I don't have
 to feel obligated to go out and enjoy the weather.
I do this even though I know I'll be yearning for Spring come January.

My kids don't brush their teeth every night.
Beck calls his teeth "rusty" when he forgets to brush.

I go to bed many nights with a sink full of dirty dishes.

And hate myself in the morning when I wake up to them.

These are the cutest skeletons I know of.

Lest you thought life was rosier on this side of the computer screen.
Just keepin' it real...


Jamie Willow said...

haha! I love this. such a cute idea :) you may not craft with glue and scissors but you craft your words quite nicely :)

StephG said...

Thanks for keepin' it real :) I kinda like this idea so I may "borrow" it!!

P.S. I don't like to do crafts either....and I feel guilty for not being the crafty mom.

Andrea said...

I agree, they are the cutest!!

I love when you keep it real!

Annie said...

Love this post! Cutie Skeletons too!

Saundra said...

Your kids are little once. The floor, the dishes, the laundry and whatever else will always be there. I'm sure in 20 yrs. if you ask them what they remember most about being home with mom, it won't be anything about dirty dishes or how the house was.

Sarah said...

Loved this post. I can relate to much of what you said!

jek said...

Other than the adorable kiddos, I don't think any of those are actually skeletons. We don't even have any kids yet there are always dirty dishes and a messy house, I'm working on my husband brushing his teeth, books are more fun than the gym anyday, there's a reason we only have perenials in the landscaping and I love winter too for the same reasons.

Welcome to're in good company.

Anonymous said...

Love how you keep it real... So many people try to look 'perfect' and life isn't perfect so this is completely REAL! Great post.