Thursday, October 14, 2010


Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate - S'bucks

Open-mouthed baby kisses planted square on my mouth, cheek, nose, neck, arm

Making Beck belly-laugh

Seeing the numbers on the scale go down...down...down...

Reggae music

Cocoa covered almonds

A well-made list

Quiet prayer in the morning

When he can't tear his eyes off of me and feels compelled to whisper, "you are beautiful."

The knowing look that passes between friends - no words needed

Chocolate chip cookies, hot off the baking sheet + Milk

A solo trip to the bookstore

A sweet cuddle with my Evie-girl

Doing a nice deed; no strings attached

A shower that lasts longer than necessary

Mascara...applied liberally

Kind words from a friend

A candle glowing in the living room - just because

Watching 19 Kids and Counting

Ecclesiastes 3:1-13


Truly His said...

I loveeee your recipes!! Keep them coming:)

jessica m said...

Those are pretty great pick me ups! Thanks for making me smile :)

Sarah said...

Great post!!