Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Food Network Personality Profile

I judge people by which Food Network TV chef they like.

If you like Paula Deen you have no regard for your health or the size of your hips.
If you like Rachael Ray you have an inordinate tolerance for obnoxious tones of voice and strange terminology.
(think, "yum-o," "sammies" and "EVOO")
If you like Sandra Lee...well, there must be something terribly wrong if you like Sandra Lee...
If you like Giada, Nigella or Ina then you have impeccable taste and are quite exceptional in the kitchen and anywhere else life might take you.
(Can you tell where I fall?)

I'm so-oh-oh excited about the Contessa's new cookbook out this week.

And, yeah...if I had a second daughter I'd consider the name Ina.

Thanks to Borders for sending me a 40% off coupon for this coveted little number.
I may just have to bat my eyes at a certain Brawny Man, hand him the coupon, point him in the direction of the book store and see what happens... 


Alicia Marie said...

Love. If you get it... let me know if you like it!! I mean, of course you will like it, but let me know HOW much eye batting I will need to do...

StephG said...

Uh-Oh...i like all the people you mentioned, but for different reasons! Where does that leave me?

I also like the Pioneer Woman & really want her cookbook. It's been out a year and I still haven't purchased it yet!!!

Maybe that will have to be a post-baby splurge. I'll remind my hubby that when he goes back to work SOMEONE is gonna have to do the cooking...LOL

Stacy said...

I never watch the Food Network but I love Ina's cookbooks! :) Mmm!

Lyndee said...

I am much more tolerant of strange word usage and tonal qualities than you are but Ina, quiet as she is can sure cook. If Rachel cooked something besides italian I might like her more. Pioneer woman is good but ranks alongside Paula for caloric excess...after all her man wears it all off riding fence. I got Sandra Lee's autobio but haven't read it yet. Actually what they are cooking is what glues me to the tv. Bobby Flay can grab me too. Stampington is coming out with a new rag....Where Women Cook. You must peruse it! At 14.99 an issue you might be taken back but how people set up their space is inordinantly interesting!

Annie said...

Like: Tyler Florence and Ina. Hopefully I fall somewhere good!

Dislike: Rachel Ray, Down Home with the Neeley's, and the bleached spikey hair guy. Can't remember his name.

Laura said...

If "sammy" is weird terminology, NZ is in big trouble. They can't help but shorten words, especially foodie ones. Even McDonald's is called Mackers and if you call it McDonald's or Mickey D's, people think you're bonkers. Had no idea what a "sammy" was for a while. A little slow on the uptake.