Friday, October 29, 2010

A Day in October

This morning we hit the ground, a brisk walk.

It's Thursday, school day for Beck, Bible study day for myself and the littler piggies.

I start the morning with a little baking for my event this morning.

 Yep. Fresh from the box. 
I didn't make it from scratch...I would have, except it's really hard to find scratch at the grocery stores these days.
(Shamelessly stole that adorable joke from someone at church.) :)

After I pop the bread in the oven, I rescue little piggy from the cozy confines of his crib.

The dudes hang out on the couch for an early morning snuggle...
 Sweet, sleepy boys.

Throwing together a quick school lunch.
 It still make me a little crazy that I'm packing lunches...wasn't this boy gumming teethers biscuits just a few weeks ago?

Out comes my bread.
Right now I am forgiving myself for using a box mix...
Tastes soooo good, fresh from the oven.

 Time for me to pull on my autumnal boots. Love.

 Beck and Brawny Man get into the junk-mobile.
 (My man is currently in the process of driving his 1993 Corolla into the ground - 
it's not embarrassing...not at all.)
I give out kisses and they head to preschool and work respectively.

Evie, Britt and I buckle in - to church we go.

We arrive at church - and this photo is significant only because moments after I took this, I shut the truck door and it locked.
 Yep, it locked. 
With the keys inside.
News to me: New vehicles lock on their own once all the doors have been closed long enough - 
even if the keys are still in there. 
So now, the keys to my rental car are glaring at me through the window from the seat of the car. 
Mocking me.
Technology, I curse you.

I head into Bible study, keyless.
I'll deal with this later.

Here's one of my best little friends, Mrs. M.
She is less than two weeks from her due date with her second baby.
And she looks like this:
You're probably thinking venomous thoughts about her and her prenatal gloriousness.
Just stop because she's completely charming and a wonderful friend - can't get much better than Mrs. M.

Here are some of the ladies gathered for a morning of fellowship.
 They are beyond sweet. Total gems. 
We have a nice morning together.
There's just something about coming together with a group of godly women.

We pack up all our piglets and caravan to a local pumpkin farm...
 Myself and the piglets bum a ride with a friend...the keys are still locked helplessly inside the truck.

Evie plays in a bin chock full of corn kernels with a buddy.
 I am fighting the urge to wipe every last kernel with my antibacterial WetOnes.
Each yellow bit represents a little universe of germy-ickiness to me.

The car rental place comes through and opens the door to retrieve my estranged key.
Reunited and it feels so good.

 We go home.

After I get the weepy, sleepy babies in bed, I make my first ever batch of homemade chicken stock.
From. Scratch. 
 Am I making up for my disappointing use of a box mix earlier in the day?

Beck comes sauntering in the door after a fun day at preschool - a toothy smile on his face - and tells me all about show and tell and being the line-leader. I have another moment of disbelief, This is my bowling-ball headed little baby? One and the same?!

And this is the point in the day when I start to feel very groggy and just a little "off."
The unfortunate evidence of a night of less-than-restorative sleep.
And, apparently, my camera is feeling the afternoon slump too, because the battery gives one last effort and then conks out.
The big piggies putting together their world map puzzle. 
Thank you, Melissa and Doug for making such fabulous products.

From here on out, my camera is attached to the wall, getting all of the restorative sleep it needs.
Me? Not so lucky.

I feed the family. Read stories. Give baths. Wipe buns. Lotion legs and arms. Comb hair. 
And, finally, tuck into bed.

I am so excited to get a load of your Day in October!
If you documented one of your days this month, please link to your actual post here (not just your blog) and we'll all try to pop over and check you out.


a.m. said...

LOve it :) I might have trumped your locked keys in the car today. I lost my cell a mall..and am having contractions =) Well, let's just see how this plays out!

Annie said...

too bad you didn't lock a kid in the car...they come right away and unlock it for FREE. Yes, I know from experience, we locked Miles in the car once...

I love Melissa and Doug!

The Arnold Family said...

I'm sorry you locked your keys in the car. That is so frustrating, isn't it?

The corn bin is always a winner in my book. Heck even I love to "swim" around in it.

You and I are members of the "No Restorative Sleep Club". I've been trying to cancel my membership for years...

I've got my camera charging for tomorrow!

Alicia Marie said...

Homemade chicken stock? Impressed. Ina would be proud.

Much love for Melissa and Doug as well... much love.

I linked up!

The Arnold Family said...

I'm linked up!

Paula said...

Love reading your blog. You have a beautiful family!

Andrea said...

Love the boots! I miss Fall boots!

Jamie Willow said...

so I took all the Oct day pics right before I left for the wedding week of festivities...I still haven't organized and uploaded them...I may wait until I do the Nov day and then post both...

loved reading about your day!

I may do one of the days you guys are visiting for my day in November :)

Jamie Willow said...

I finally did October! ah!