Monday, September 13, 2010

September Joys

Cool walks
Tomato soup + Grilled cheese
(ready to dip)

Rainy days

First swings
(6 months old)

A long novel in a comfy chair

(Beck's 5th birthday)

Sweatshirts + Shorts

(a first art museum visit)

Turning leaves


Candles at dusk

Gusts, just right for a kite

Sleeping with the windows open

Flowers ready to dry
(hydrangeas, my favorite)


Big grins
(the cheesier, the better)

Bread baking


An Autumn nature table

Apple and pear picking
(bounty from our own back yard)
Applesauce making

A baby in layers, a hat and red socks
What are your joys?

1 comment:

Redbird Rachel said...

I find great joy in looking at your beautiful photographs!