Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Narcissist Much?

Okay. I know. This blog is all. about. me.
But what else am I supposed to write about? Me is what I know.
I wrote an "ABOUT" page as a bit of an intro to Star-Crossed.
Seriously, if you've been around awhile, you know who I am and what I write about here. So don't trouble yourself to visit the ABOUT tab.

...But, if you're new here - and I know there are some of you - indulge my narcissistic side and visit the ABOUT page.

Egocentricism is the name of the game, ladies and gents.
It's my world and you all are just along for the ride.


Jamie Willow said...

I like the ride! :)

Kristi said...

I have been thinking about doing an "about me" stand alone page. The problem is, I always stop at My name is Kristi..........
apparently I bore myself to DEATH! However liked reading about you! :)

Lyndee said...

We are each unique and perplexing in our own right. Sharing our personal self is fun and friendly. I love it when you do it and you love it when I do. That is the fellowship and we each know when to lay it down and listen and be there for another. Lovely! God's plan for fellowship is just lovely.

Jamie Willow said...

ps. just read your 100 things! you finally finished it! way to go :) I think you are adorable. so stinkin' adorable...geez! love you girl!

The Arnold Family said...

Yeah, I was gonna ask: How do you get the multi tab thing going on? If you ever get a minute, can you shoot me a message and tell me how? I think it would be fun to have an "about me" section.