Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to Have Fun: A Guide

Oh...we had fun.
Here's how:

Step 1:
Buy and consume disgusting amounts of fair-food.
You know... funnel cakes, brats, fresh squeezed lemonade. The works.

Step 2:
Perch yourself on a little patch of grass to watch the hot air balloons inflate.

Step 3:
Introduce baby to the wonders.

Step 4:
a.) Pose for a picture - baby suck on finger.

b.) Pose for another picture.

Step 5:
Crane your neck back, back, back to see the tippy top of the balloons.

Step 6:
Snuggle with someone you love.

Step 7:
Bump your sibling's booty to show excitement.

Step 8:
Snuggle more people you love.

Step 9:
Snuggle again.

Step 10:
Watch them glow.
Say, "Ooooh" and "Ahhh"

Step 11:
Pick out your favorite. Pose in front.

Step 12:
Head home before traffic.

Step 13:
Store up the memories to last until next year...

1 comment:

Jamie Willow said...

love it! I feel like I was there :) someday...