Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mama's Goin' Shopping

New favorite website:

Groupon is so much fun and absolutely easy to use (much easier than this).

A coupon or discount for a store, event or service is presented each day; you can sign up to have the notifications sent to your email address, this is the most efficient setup. You can choose to get in on the deal or you can choose to pass on the deal. If enough people sign up for the groupon, the deal is on; if not enough people sign up for it, the deal is off and your money (if you signed up for the groupon) gets returned to you.

I've been signed up for a little over a week and in that time I've gotten in on a deal with Once Upon a Child and The Gap.
I paid $12 for $30 worth of merchandise at UPAC and $25 for a $50 gift card to Gap.
Now, the coupons sit in my account at waiting for me to print them and...GO SHOPPING.

Ummm...? Yay!

Want to sign up for free? (There's still time for you to get in on the Gap gift card until midnight tonight.) Please do! And use my referral link so Mama can do some more shopping:


Maegan said...

isn't it amazing? I got my husband 25 boxing classes for $20, it is originally $250!

Try too!

Jamie Willow said...

you can also check other cities groupons...I bought 100$ of picaboo photo books for 25$ this week from like oklahoma or somewhere silly like that :) yay!

Alicia Marie said...

Fun! So... are you going to get those stirrup pants from Gap? ;)