Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Day in August

7:30 alarm clocks - most adorable and effective waker-uppers you could ask for - drag me from the bed. Me? Not a morning person. By any stretch.

This morning it's oatmeal for breakfast.
Throw in some apple, some cinnamon, a few tablespoons of flax meal...

My sister crashed on our couch last night and had to leave early; before any of us woke up.
We found a message on our chalk board pantry door.
Good Auntie. :)

Squeals coming from the boy's room...
There's the charmer.

Here we all our morning glory.
A quick diaper change and morning clean up.
Evie-Baby is always ready for a busy day.
"Where are we goin', mom?" is her first question most mornings.
And most mornings I say, "Nowhere, baby."
Not this morning, though. We're headed out.
Getting her hair fixed with her New Zealand native sheep, aptly named "Kiwi."

Big sister plays with babes while I get a few, last minute things together.
Such a good helper.

We step outside and I can barely make it down the front steps, so amazed am I at the weather.
Look at that temp!
Look at it! I haven't seen anything below 84 degrees in the past three months.

My breakfast on the go:

It's a good one.
Bananas and I don't have a great relationship.
I'm very choosy when it comes to them.
They have to be very yellow; green at the tops; no bruises.
Too ripe? Garbage.

Our destination...

We're trying out Borders kid's story time for the first time.
Children's story time and I don't have a very good relationship either.
Almost every one I've been to has been beyond lame. The story time at the library is in a boring, windowless room led by a grumpy, fat librarian who can't do voices. Barf.
I don't have high hopes for Borders...

On our way into the store I glance at my biggest boy. Oh Lordy. It looks like I've forgotten to tame the beast.
I have a love/hate thing going on with this kid's mop of hair. It's adorable, when it's...well...adorable. But that takes work: water and scrunching and [sometimes] product. Five-year-old boys don't like that routine much.
Today we're going for the natural look.
Love this place. I want to stop and look. I feel a gravitational pull toward the cooking section...

Here we are. Tucked all the way in the back of the store in the children's section.

First impression: Good. The StoryLady is welcoming (she knows many of the kids by name) and she has the makings of what looks like a craft set up on a plastic mat. I'm feeling positive.

Just when the good vibes are flowing, the littlest piggy does...well...he does what piggies do. We hurry to the bathroom.

Pleased as punch with himself.

Back to Story Time. The kids are making rain sticks out of cardboard tubes and rice.

So great.
This is a good Story Time.

I'm feeling indulgent (doesn't happen much) so I get the kids a couple of children's sized smoothies from the cafe. I do this even as my mind fast forwards to the next time we come to Story Time and the piglets beg for a smoothie again and I will have to say "no." An uphill battle...

We go quickly for a stop at Daddy Man's work. He's been wanting to show the babies off to his colleagues and clients for awhile now. The kids are a hit - why wouldn't they be?!

The next portion of the day is conspicuously absent because it was very grumpy. We had an unusually busy morning (considering we normally don't get out of our jammies until 10 am) so lunch and nap prep was a hurried, emotional mess.
We made it through and I got to sit for a quiet two hours (this is a lifetime in mommy minutes) and eat a peaceful lunch and surf my favorite areas on the 'net.

Quick product recommendation: Cilantro Lime Hummus from TJ's.
Get some. You'll be happy.

The Brawny Man got home for a little break around 2 o'clock and I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. I was on a Mama Mission to stock up my Fall wellness arsenal; my kids were terribly sick last Autumn/Winter, I am going to do everything I can to keep the sickness at bay this year.

I got stuck behind one of these bad boys:

"I stop at all RR crossings." Obnoxious.

Because it's ultra cool to take pictures when you go to the grocery store.

The flowers are my favorite spot at WF.
Oh, the hydrangeas.

But here is my destination:

The children's supplement aisle. I loaded up on some goodies: multivitamins, zinc, wellness tinctures, fish oils and even a goodness-packed green drink powder that I'm going to sneak into a daily smoothie. Give the old flu a one-two punch.
(Spent a small fortune that had better keep us out of the Dr's office.)

Hurrying back home so I can relieve Mr. B. of his baby-duty and let him get back to work and so we can get ready for church tonight.

But first, the little one's badges need to be "sewn" onto their vests. I'm a fabulous seamstress.

Little Blue-Eyes gets his fill of rice cereal and bananas for dinner.

I totally love his little face. Kiss kiss kiss.

Sister to the rescue again.
She plays while I pack up for our church outing

Britt gets canoodled by some sweet friends of mine at church.

He's very canoodle-able (?)

And I had to snap a quick pic of the biggest piggies in their Rainbows attire.
Look at all those badges.
Such accomplished little babies.

And this is where the photo portion of my Day in August ends. We were exhausted after this day. The drive home was quiet - Sara Groves played soothingly in the car - and bedtime was quick and hushed with tooth brushing and prayers done hurriedly.

This is not my favorite kind of day. It was too busy; too scattered and unfocused. I feel like we just hauled ourselves from one task to the next in effort to get it all done. Unfortunately, life calls for these days and my life has been increasingly filled with them in the past months. I'm going to start making a more conscious effort to slow down and pick and choose those things which are important to my family. Things that are life-giving, not draining.
We spent the day after this in recovery mode. A slow start and a morning stroll in the park and then...home all day. Slow dinner, slow baths, slow stories before bed, slow prayers and slow lullabies.

And now, it's your turn. Post your A Day in August post to your blog and then leave us a link of the actual post (not just your blog url) so we can hop over and enjoy your day with you.

Happy hopping and see you next month for A Day in September!


Jamie Willow said...

We buy this hummus thing at Whole Foods that is to die for...I'll have to include it in next months pics :) or maybe tomorrow since I have some in my fridge right now :)

britt is getting so big!

and the little rainbow vests were adorable!

Rae Nolt said...

Sad we don't have a Whole Foods around where I live! Very cute post!

The Arnold Family said...

I loved reading about your day!!

Getting stuck behind school buses are the worst. They stress me out when I see them, as I am ALWAYS either late or just on time. NEVER early.

Liquid Stitch?!! What the ca-rap is that? No seriously, where did you get it? I don't have a sewing machine and could really use it.

I hope all those supplements keep the kiddos out of the doctor's office. No fun!!!

I am linked up!

My word verification is "hotte". Does that mean it thinks I am a hotte? Heh. Gotta take it where I can.

Annie said...

You know what is supposed to be good? Elderberry Syrup. Did you get any at Whole Foods?

I wonder if the Borders around here has a good story time? Something to look in to!

Britt is at the best baby stage right now. I just loved waking up to those happy little coos in the morning!!

Andrea said...

Loved the post! Can't wait for next month! Such a good idea Mrs. B! my friend had diapers & stuff shipped to me when Ava was first born. If you're a new customer they give you 15% off your first order, I also had a pampers gift code to use so it was all pretty cheap & easy.

they are usually really decently priced other wise too. I will for sure use them again since it's so fast and easy. Also you can send in your coupons and they credit you for next time. If you're a coupon person.

StephG said...

I can't even explain the excitement I felt when I read that Sbux email! It's the little things in life! Especially for moms!

Love your "day"!

I didn't get my camera out until later & my day didn't start out so easy...I was bummed. I still have a few more days in August though!!

Lindsey B. said...

I am in need of advice about vitamin supplements for the girls. What are your recommendations?

Lyndee said...

I hope I did the linkee thing right. I limited my posts to one in case it was goofy. So little time and so much to learn. Hey I love the pics and your day was busy. I was fried when mine was over. Cannot wait to see those piggies in person....soon and very soon.

Alicia Marie said...

Cute cute. Love how you "sew". Matches my ability. I just finished my day..barely... :)

Anonymous said...

Love the post and link up idea. Excited to read more about the supplements and what you do!

Lindsey B. said...

So I think I will try this "Day in the Life" thing....Here we go...

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Done and done! Thanks for a fun project! :)