Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smooch Wars & Italian Soda

It all started with a rumbly, "Give me a kiss." From the DaddyMan.
Followed by a little girl's, "No." with attitude...

Forgive the blurry quality. They were just too cute not to share...

Since we have a little girl that loves kisses but loves to say "no" as much as possible, smooch wars are a regular occurrence in our house.

You know what else has become a regular occurrence? The craving for a good Italian Soda followed by the quick process of whipping one up. It's so fast, so easy and so satisfying...all you need is a few special ingredients.

Now...if that ain't a pretty drink...
Italian Soda
Mrs. B.'s Way
flavored syrup of your choosing
(raspberry, black cherry and vanilla are good)
sparkling water
(like sanpellegrino)
lots of ice
half and half or cream
squirt some of the syrup into the bottom of your empty glass (a tall glass is best).
I bought syrup from Starbucks and they gave me a pump to go along with it - I hear this is a Starbucks no-no, so don't be surprised if you don't get a pump, I think I got lucky - so I put about 4 squirts into my cup.
fill the cup with ice.
pour in your sparkling water.
and top with half and half or cream if desired.
(you don't have to have the cream if you don't want it, it's good without.)
stir it around a bit...
sip. enjoy.
side note: I think if I owned a cafe that sold sweet little drinks like this, I would name it: Sip. Enjoy.
Would that not be adorable? :)
And now I shall go back to my summer of smooch wars and Italian sodas.


Laura said...

We LOVE smooch wars at our house. But our smooch wars involve me telling Elijah that I hate kisses and he's never allowed to kiss me, so then he does repeatedly and laughs and laughs. I love reverse psychology. How much longer do you think it'll work?

Andrea said...

I think that is such an adorable name for a cafe!

you should make a sign that says that and hang it in your kitchen!

Josh said...

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StephG said...

I'm so gonna make this! Perfect for the hot & humid days we've been having lately!

Love the smooch wars! Daddy smooches are the best :)

StephG said...

I bought...I made...I'm in love...yum!

StephG said...
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Mrs. B. said...

Such a good idea to put a Sip. Enjoy. sign in the kitchen! I might just do that this summer. :)

Also - if you put chocolate syrup in the bottom with a little cream, and add the water it is soooo good! Mmmm

Steph - glad you like!