Monday, July 26, 2010

Portland is for Lovers.

We hopped a plane to the lovely land of the Northwest last week. It was Little Mister's first plane ride. At four months he had quite the potential to be every air-travellers nightmare. He decided to have a good day and give mommy and daddy a bit of a breather. He was perfection.

Although he doesn't look the happiest here.

He did a lot of this:

We left the older piglets home with Gramma Honey...the looks on their faces when we told them we'd be taking Britt on an airplane were priceless: wistful and sweet. Someday, piggies, someday...

We arrived in Portland late Thursday evening and settled into our hotel - a Hilton, lovely. Britt promptly got a head-cold as soon as we landed in Oregon, so after a hurried, but fab seafood dinner by the water we turned in and snuggled our travel weary selves under the smooth, white sheets of the hotel.

...and we didn't sleep. Sweet baby woke us up every 25 minutes - yes, every 25 minutes - with his snuffle nose. Baby's first cold = not so charming at 2:36 am.

We spent Friday exploring downtown Portland.

Armed with coffee, the GPS and a burp/snot rag (handmade by my mom) we're absolutely prepared for anything.

Not sure if we were prepared for how much we would both completely fall in love with the city though...

We stopped by Voodoo Donut first thing. (We learned about the quirky donut place here.) But gave up after standing in the loooong line for 15 minutes and not moving.

I felt dejected and down about our unsuccessful trip to Voodoo until we came across a row of street vendors all selling delectable goodies.

By some sweet twist of fate I found the vendor selling waffle "tacos" for lack of a better description. A fresh waffle, filled with your choice of filling. Eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, jam, bananas, strawberries...Kind of like a crepe, Portland style.

Happy with my waffle.

What can I say? I'm a hopeless food-lover.

Nutella and raspberry jam. Oh sweet Nelly...

Cute signs and cafes abound here.

Portland must-have: A little hippie street art.

Yet another food vendor that caught our eye...well, really my Brawny Man. He got one whiff of BBQ and couldn't resist the urge. But look at those beans up there! Baked beans with the most thick ring of old beans and...bean "stuff". Kind of gross but intriguing. The tattooed proprietor told us that The Ring causes every pot of beans to taste the exact same - delicious every time.

Here's Mr. B. getting himself some BBQ...and, yes, some of the beans. Ew! ;)

We didn't eat at the Swamp Shack, but it was adorable.

If Mr. B. is all-American barbecue, I'm more the international food-lover. I stopped by the Austrian food cart (home of the Schnitzelwich) to get an eggplant sandwich. Oh boy...again with the food-worship.

Look at that. Lightly fried eggplant with spicy greens, horseradish and some sort of lovely red pepper spread all on a ciabatta. Mmm. It's a shame I could only finish half.

And then, to my absolute and utter pleasure - yes, even more pleasure than the food brought me - we went to Powell's. I have been wanting to visit Powell's New & Used Bookstore (the largest in the world) since I saw a bit about it on this blog a few years back.

I was in total bookworm heaven. I mean seriously. I could have spent a week there - just the books, me and the coffee shop - and been so happy.

But, in real life, where there's an antsy husband and a pesky little baby, I only squeezed in a mere 45 minutes of book browsing. Mr. B. swears his legs began to get numb and he "felt boredom overcome" him as soon as we stepped in the doors of the store. I know, commence the eye-rolling...I know I did.

So, I saw the Red Room - Christianity, Languages and Travel. Good enough for me. But I silently promised myself that I'd return to Powell's someday and spend all the time my insatiable word-a-holic self desired.

We stopped by the river walk to relax, nurse the baby and get some good slobber kisses in before heading back to hotel sweet hotel.

Can I just say how much I enjoyed this day? Good food, books, the company of two of my favorite people, a quirky town and sunshine to top it all off. It was totally perfect.

Up next: The photo chronicle of our day in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Surf, sand and shaker shingles. Need I say more?


Burkinator said...

Knew you would love that city!

Tell your husband to add up all the time you've spent in hardware stores or at sporting events before he whines about Powells. My guy would do exactly the same thing, btw. ;)

Mrs.M said...

I need to go to that book store.

The pictures are adorable! Thank you for sharing all of them, I'll live through you in the mean time. :)

Redbird Rachel said...

Sorry you didn't get to try Voodoo. If it makes you feel any better, I've been there and thought the donuts were less than great. The hot & fresh donuts at Daily Dozen (Pike Place Market) are 1000x better.

Lance Lockhart said...

Great Post!

Cathy said...

Just ran across this site while looking for book-related blogs...I like it! Interesting writing and photos. I live in Portland and have the luxury of visiting Powell's whenever my little guys will allow it. :-) I referenced it here, on my new blog. Blessings!