Monday, July 5, 2010

Light Up the Sky

Independence Day - I adore it. More and more each year. Maybe it's because I have children now and like to live through their enjoyment.

Their shining eyes, carrying the reflection of sparklers.

Their lisping requests for "more fireworth."
Giddy little chats about what color firework will be their favorite this year.
(Beck - green. Evie - purple.)
Dressing them in the sweetest, most patriotic ensemble I can find in their closet.

Yes, it's all really special.
I tried to explain to them what the holiday was all about.
Our country (which is a concept they don't really understand, no matter how many maps I pull out) and our fight for freedom and independence.
It all went a little over their heads.
Maybe my appreciation for the holiday has to do with the state of our country. She's changing. I feel it. She's not simple or steady any more. She's a little corrupted. Broken down, limping along at times.
I see the reluctance of our leaders to embrace the principles our country was founded on - strong, Biblical ideals - and it saddens me that they think they know how to do it better than the Bible could have outlined.
I fear the changes will bring a fall.
I think it's inevitable.
So I look at my kids as they are.
And I look as America as she was meant to be.
And I am happy.
I feel blessed to live here and call this place my home.
...but I think about the future; and the America my kids will be growing up in...
It's shaky ground.
The winds of change blow;
and all I can do is pray for our nation and her leaders.

And I remember that we started as One Nation Under God.
And, for me, that we shall remain.


jessica m said...

so sweet and yet so true...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! Bravo.