Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Day in July

Good morning...if my coffee mug says it's going to be a good morning, I guess it will be. Can't argue with a cup, can ya?

Baby had a rough night. Who am I kidding? Britt has a rough night every night. He forgot how to sleep more than 2 hours straight...thus, the yawn, and the coffee (still decaf) and the valiant effort by my coffee mug to make this morning decent.

Letting Sasha, the trusty dog o' the house, out. She's recently lost her partner in crime, my little Yorkie, Teddy. But that's another blog post for another day.
Solo Sasha takes on the chasing of the bunnies that have claimed the garden over night.

Time to change the babe. Look at those legs. That's some squeezable stuff, right there.

Little Evie's a grand helper. But she is very Kate Moss in the morning. All stringy hair and lanky limbs in a too-big tank.

Bubba - we've taken to calling him "Bubba." No, we're not from the depths of Alabama - plays with his toys while I try to fight the morning grog and get the big piggies breakfast.


Beck's little hand pointing to his plate of choice.
(Paper plates: a summer staple in the B household. I know, that's so un-perfect-blogger of me.)

Look at those sweet lips full of rice cereal. Ugh...I'd kiss them if they weren't so goopy.

After breakfast, the big piglets read their stack of library books while I put Britt down for a nap.

Cleaning up yesterday's Cootie aftermath.

I get the kids in their clothes for the day. A sundress for the Little Miss, by request. Here she is being Mama to her Baby Faith.

We're gearing up to go over the river and through the woods to Grandma Honey's house for a "just because" visit. I love those kinds of visits.

I wrap some mini-loaves of zucchini bread to bring to my mom. I've been baking up the zucchini from the garden like a mad woman and then popping the goods in the freezer.

I hear some grunts and squeals from my bedroom and go to find that this little piglet has woken from his nap. I wish I were always this happy to wake up.

Britt sleeps in my bed for naps. He takes a much longer nap if he's in my bed. I tribute it to his sensitive baby nose - if the bedding smells like mama, he feels comfortable snoozing longer.

Packing our bags for an overnight stay at Grams. So much stuff for one little night.

Babies: Ready.

Stopping for a fill up for the gas-guzzler. Yes, that's an antibacterial wipe I've got on the handle...gas pumps give me the creeps.

Rewarded for our 30 minute drive by this sight:

The perfect Grammie's house, no?

Grandma Honey promptly snatches Britt for a quick snuggle. And I grab the PB&J to whip up some sandwiches for lunch.

Beck "helps." :)

Nap time approaches. I, silently, rejoice for the respite in kid-duty. I'm still fuzzy from my night of no sleep.

Evie climbs the steps to the Grandkid's Room. Or "The Paris Room" as I like to call it.

Mom has a perfect shade of blush pink on the walls and a map of Paris hanging. The curtains are a European street scene toile. It's a fun room.

Sleep well, monkey.

After kid's naps, they get to work in the yard. Picking up sticks and puttering in the garden...

...and finding some time in there for a little imagination play.

Evie helping Gram with dinner. The Kate Moss look has returned after her nap.

Beck serving in time-out after doing some offensive big brother thing or another. And then we eat a quick dinner.

My little brother...not so little anymore...snuggles little piggy while I prep for a Starbucks run and a trip to the worst store ever.

Full of S'bucks mini-donuts and stones (read: "scones") we drag our tired selves home to put on jammies.

Auntie Alli is home from work...we take time for a pajama-ed romp on the couch.

Strangulation or hugs? Sometimes, with kids this age, it's hard to tell...

I enjoy it either way.

Gram takes the kids up and tucks them in bed while Sister and I lace up the running shoes and go for a night-time run. We go 2 miles.
I use the terms "run" and "2 miles" quite loosely. Interpret that as you will.

We're training to run a 10K this fall.

At this point the night is pretty much over. We stay up and talk about sister things in a manner only sisters can have. And then, after a last baby feeding, I tuck myself in and sleeeep.

...for approximately 2 hours until I'm woken up by a cute, but very annoying, baby.

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Annie said...

way to go on the 10K. "Rest" assured, Miles woke up every.two.hours. from 4 months to 6 months. I shudder thinking about it. At 6 months and 1 week something clicked. He now wins the 'best sleeper EVER' award.

i feel your pain (except I had caffinated coffee, so i am thinking my experience wasn't quite as painful)!

I don't know how to link up...

Abby LaDuke said...

Ash! I LOVE your day in July...I'm gonna do one too! Except I have no children:) hahah

Jamie Willow said...

my day in july seems more like Judah's day in july :) lol but this was super fun! and I love love love reading about your day and seeing such fun pics of the babies :) kisses to them all!

jek said...

What a fun day!

I know I'm not a mom yet, but a friend just went through the same with her 4 month old (and my siblings have similar stories with their kids). In all those cases the poor kids wer hungry. Their doctors suggested starting to feed some solid foods and immediately sleepy nights returned.
Not trying to be your doctor, but just a thought.

Rae Nolt said...

Ashley...having a blast reading these! I keep coming back to see IF MORE have linked up! :)

The Arnold Family said...

Ok, i'm linked! :)

Alicia Marie said...

So fun. Your kids are so cute. Jealous that you have a gramma so close! Love the new look. Thanks for linking me up. Still in recovery/adjusting mode here!

Sarah said...

Love this. Your kids are so cute. I love going to Gramma's house too. All linked up!

Maegan said...

looks like the perfect day to me! I wanna do it next time..although I dont know if Im that interesting..