Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pardon Me.

I've been scrolling through this month of posts...boy, are they lame.
Apparently, my new format is three words + a photo and that makes a sufficient entry. Hm.

So, pardon me and my less than inspiring Star-Crossed. Hopefully I can return her to her original splendor (ha!) in the next month or so.

He sure doesn't seem to mind:

Could you just gobble him up? I do...multiple times a day.

In the next couple of weeks:

My seventh wedding anniversary.
Trips to the pool with the Three Little Piggies.
A fourth of July baby dedication.
Me, singing to my babies at that dedication.
A trip with my Brawny Man and my Little Man to the West Coast.

...that should give me sufficient blog fodder.

(I've got an idea for a new, monthly feature. I'm contemplating the involves audience participation. You'd better get your point-and-shoot all batteried up, it's gonna be a good one!)

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Lyndee said...

Can't wait! Love to hear more words.