Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Dare You

To read this post and then either:
A.) Not cry.
B.) Not push the "follow" button.
C.) Not think about it for the rest of the day.

surprise roses from my little garden.

Happy Weekend, friends.


Alicia Marie said...

7 months ago I lived this exact same story with one of my own dear friends. The strange silence after the scheduled c-section. The nicu. The first time i saw her little face and fell so desperately in love with her. Reese's story is a bit different, but the shock, grief of lost dreams and deep, deep love and fierce protection is all the same. I didn't think I would cry. I just went through this in real life and get to play with a juicy fat happy little 7 month old every week. But i did. I remember those emotions.The good and the bad.
Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing that, Ash. Do you know Kelle? Such a beautiful story. And yes, I did cry. A lot.

Dishcraft said...

Thank you for posting this. What a truly incredibly story of raw emotions and truth over a painful subject. But what an ADORABLE baby she is. I mean, she's just precious. I couldn't imagine going through that, but I guarantee she will touch so many lives. They are a cute family, I'm totally going to follow this blog! And yes, I cried, too. A lot.

Maegan said...

My aunt sent me this link when I was pregnant with Olivia. Add the pregnancy induced hormones and I was a blubbering mess. I really like the way she writes. It really put a different perspective on the matter. Oddly, it made me scared yet at ease at the same time.

Lucy said...

I thought it might be a link to Enjoying the Small Things! I found that blog a while ago and it is very moving, I am glad to have found it. It must be especially poignant to read that stories having recently given birth.

btw the birth story did have me in tears so I failed the dare!