Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day in June

Good morning, world.

Our day actually started sometime around 2:00 am with a middle-of-the-night feeding. Sweet and cuddly as it was, there was no room for a camera in our nest made of sheets at that hour. So you get a 7 am shot - and this is the beginning of A Day in June: A Photojournal.

Evie appears complaining of a "headache...no, a belly ache...no, a headache." The ache is gone within minutes. "Ache? What ache?"
Good morning, Evie.

Searching the under-the-bed storage for Mr. Britt's outfit for the day. Did I mention yet that my baby - 3 1/2 months old - is wearing 6-9 months clothing? Yes, he is. This is why my back aches.

Getting dressed.

An admirable start to the day's laundry pile.

Evie makes her bed. She's an expert folder.

Unfortunately, Evie is also a klutz. She tips over the bin of dog food.
Sasha - the trusty pup - looks on...

Let us pause in our busy morning to kiss some chubby baby piggs.

Moving on.

Britt squeezes his thunder thighs into the Bumbo to watch me make breakfast.

Breakfast is so not exciting this morning. Corn Flakes...that's it. No fresh fruit or fabulous pancakes. Cold cereal. Milk. Bam, welcome to the day.

I need some fruit. Starting a list...
Coffee. Need coffee.
Yes, you read that right, it's decaf.
But I still need it. Just the ritual of making and drinking coffee - caffeinated or not - makes me feel like I can be a person in the morning.

So, I make a cup of person hood, really. Not so much coffee.
(Dramatic enough for you?)
(Drinking decaf because my naturally strung-out baby really gets a terrible jolt from caffeine. If caffeine makes me a person, caffeinated milk turns him into a monster.)

After breakfast Evie whispers sweet nothings to Britt while I clean up the mess.
This girl should win the Best Big Sister prize.

Grumpy-Pants Baby goes down for his first nap around 9:00 and the big kids meander to the backyard.
(Meander: I shove them out the door and throw their shoes after them.)
Examining the progress on the pear tree.
And now it's time for my breakfast. Usually whole wheat toast with Nutella aka. Nectar of the gods. But alas! My Nutella is almost gone. Enough for one piece of toast...I'll add it to the grocery list.

Nutella toast + coffee = much better than corn flakes. Shhh...don't tell the kids. They're still checking the pear tree for worms.

Now I tiptoe quietly through my room where Sweet Baby is sleeping (Notice he's turned from Grumpy-Pants to Sweet Baby - this is what the sight of a sleeping baby does to a mother. Completely changes her attitude about him.) so I can prep for my day.

Here I am. I need a shower. I have no time for one. Yay.

What's a mama to do when she's got greasy hair and no time to shower? Pull out the baby powder. Slap a little on the roots, rub it in and you've soaked up the unsightly stuff. Fluffy, greaseless hair. Ready to go.(Note: Don't do this if you have dark hair. It will look really stupid. I'm blonde so it works.)

It's about 10:30 now. I pile the big kids into the car (Britt is fed and happy - home with my Brawny Man who took the day off..."yay" for days off!) and we head to the outdoor farm market.


I've been making more of an effort to buy locally. So here we are pulling our little red wagon instead of a shopping cart at the great big supermarket.

Cantaloupe, potatoes and sweet corn in the bag.

Here's where Evie starts complaining about needing to go potty. There is no potty. We're at a farm.

There's a big, blue free-standing port-a-potty. I cringe. She dances. We go.
Afterward, in my haste to squirt some hand sanitizer into her grimy hands, some gets in her eye. Her eye. Yes. And she screams. Bloody murder. And we run to the lady at the cash register and beg for water. We flush out her eye. She's fine.

I got no pictures of the scene because, well...that would be terrible. Can you imagine? Stopping to take a photo of my alcohol-in-the-eye daughter for my stupid blog. Ridiculous.

I did get a picture of afterward though:

See? It's tough having sanitizer in your eye.

We come home to this scene. Britt, in his walker for the first time ever, watching Little Bear. What?! What does he think he is? A 12 year old?

Hasn't Mr. B. heard about the perils of children under 2 watching television? That their brains will rot and they will have no chance of ever living a normal life if they watch tv this early? Ugh.
(He watched the whole episode and loved it.)

Noon. Lunchtime! And Britt goes down for his 2nd nap.

Left over chicken tacos for lunch. Probably leftovers are as bad for your stomach as tv is for your brain...

After all the piggies are down for naps, I go outside and decide to do something about my cilantro that has gone to seed in it's little hanging basket.
I replant it in the ground. Along with some of my other herbs that have out-grown their pots.
I end up tearing tons of weeds out of the garden - I've neglected it a bit...

By the end of this little assault on the weeds, no amount of baby powder will save me so I take a shower.

On a whim, since Mr. B. is home, we decide to go to the zoo.

(I am secretly relieved that he decides to get off his derriere and do something other than watch the blasted - cool - World Cup.)

Miss Evie gets a watermelon snow cone.

In the primate house, Britt literally sweats through his clothes, so he goes shirtless - like a cool guy should - for the rest of the day.

You'd sweat too if you had rolls like that.

On the way home from the zoo we stop so I can run into the store to get some things for dinner on the grill tonight.
Berries were on sale.

6:00 pm.
Britt takes the role of sous chef.

I cannot handle that he's in this walker! And his feet touch the ground!

Mr. B. brings in lettuce from our very own garden. I love this. We wash it and decide that it will grace our turkey burgers tonight.

Sweet corn: from the farmer's market this morning.
Lettuce: from our garden.
Tomatoes: from our garden.
My heart feels all warm and glowy.

6:30 pm.

After dinner it is bath time. After bath time it's baby massage time.

Oh Johnson's pink baby lotion. Oh. This stuff...heaven.

Time to read our story.

Currently: The Boxcar Children.
I remember this one from when I was younger. Nostalgia.

8:00 pm.
Britt's nighttime feeding and then down for bed.

Nursing is my favorite. Have I said that before? I think I have. But...nursing is my favorite.

Children's bed time is my second favorite. Because now I can sit and turn-off for awhile. I can watch Last Comic Standing with my husband and browse my favorite blogs; read a chapter or two of my current novel or Bible study...

...and then. Go. to. bed.

*Disclaimer: Okay, listen to me. I did a lot this day. The reason? Mr. B. was home. When he's home it's like I have a new lease on life. I am Super-domestic-Woman. Usually the man works from 8 am until 9 pm with a little break in the middle (during which I take a nap) and I am happy if I can get a load of laundry done and maybe run the vacuum cleaner. What I'm trying to say here is, this day is not typical. Come back for my Day in July...you'll see how it really is.

You're doing this with me next month.
Yes, you are. :)


StephG said...

I love this!!

Sarah said...

Perfect. I enjoyed every minute.

Lucy said...

I love this too! Great idea.

Deseree said...

Awesome idea! :) Loved reading about your day.

Mrs.M said...

Omg, I loved this. And so funny because I was planning on doing exactly this! My blog is neglected lately. My day will be Nooo where near this though. :)

Cupcake Mama said...

Great idea!! Two things:
First, my cilantro did the same thing last year...too much heat is what I was told (I would think last week's temps would qualify!).
Second, we LOVE to go to Thies Farm as well. Not to burst your bubble, but not everything they sell there is grown there. Some of it they truck in from the same trucks that deliver to Soulard. They are really good to label things (homegrown, Theis' own) so you know what you are getting. Prices are better though and it is more fun! Have you been to the St Charles Lion's Club Farmer's Market?

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Adorable. I will try to play your game for the next time, as well. Great idea.

p.s. Your kids are so cute. I CANNOT get over Britt's chub; love it.

Sarah said...

I had to reread this (cause I loved it so much) We (your readers) surely need more Britt photos. His chub iis too much for me. You are giving me baby fever all over again. Thank goodness we've fixed that issue.

You should enter him in a cute baby contest. I KNOW he's win! THOSE LEEEEGS!

The Arnold Family said...

Oh I loved this!

And Tavi gets hand sanitizer in her eye weekly. And she is a DRAMA queen so she screams and flails as it takes 2 adults to get her to the sink and squirt her eye out.

Fun fun fun.

Jamie Willow said...

I think we should do a post like this sometime when we are actually spending the day together...that would be fun :)

I am missing you!

Lyndee said...

I had a sad evening after paperwork searching all day. My reality is changed for sure but reading your blog was actually refreshing and made me laugh. I love you all! I will do a day in July....