Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Na-Da Barn Sale :: Sneak Peek

The weekend was a whirl-wind. The barn sale was beyond my expectations. I'm excited to do a full post on my perspective of the sale but until I catch up on a little laundry, dishes and unpacking I will not (should not) be sitting at my computer with the luxury of reliving my experience. Here are a couple of pictures to entice you...

Yes, it really was this good.

And...who could be the proud new owner of this gorgeous, hand painted peacock chair?
Who could it possibly be?

I'll give you a hint: Starts with a "Mrs." and ends with a "B."

More later...


A. Suzanne said...

:) fun! my "elizabeth" is hanging in the 1st picture...yay!

Sarah said...

MORE! MORE! Who cares about laundry!!!!!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

YOU BOUGHT THAT CHAIR!! I did not know that!!!! I LOVE THAT CHAIR- but I love all things peacock! I commented back to your second comment on "too many macs"
I feel your pain! :)

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh, and , thought this was funny - I am ADDICTED to that Volcanic Lemon Juice - in fact I think I got Anne Marie hooked too - I threw it in a little goody basked I brought out day while we were getting ready.
So icky from the garden - just came in to make a glass of lemonade and check your blog!

Mrs. B. said...

Angela - how do you make the lemonade w/ the lemon juice? Any special recipe?

Anne Marie said...

hello.....my name is Anne Marie, and I am an addict of Volcanic Lemon Juice (lol)

Angela is to (lovingly) blame for that - funny though; my husband thought it was a juice drink, and poured himself a glass and started chugging it down (total pucker - HILARIOUS afterward!)

It was so great seeing you - and I am beyond words to say thanks for driving so far to come see us and spend time at the farm and shop at the sale -
that chair totally rocks and I really hope you show us your treasures all put together in your rooms!!

~Anne Marie~
p.s. I add a Tablespoon of lemon juice per tall glass, some raw sugar for my homemade lemonade (so yummy)

Jamie Willow said...

you must blog while it is fresh...the other stuff will still be there later...no guilt!

LOVE the chair...gorgeous. and beautiful photo's...what fun!