Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Na-Da Barn Sale :: Frenchy Fun

I've been waiting all day to sit and compose this post. Through laundry (one finds herself simply buried in laundry after a full-family road trip) I thought of our drive into the land of the Na-Da Farm...

As I wiped sweet, peanut butter covered mouths I remembered the welcoming atmosphere...

...and the sweet juxtaposition of frilly french flea market set in a rough barn.

Coffee and cinnamon rolls the size of my head awaited us on our arrival. Yes, please!

Is this not the stuff of dreams?

We shopped and shopped (as soon as we picked our jaws up off the floor) - and went around for another go.
Each time we circled the wares at the barn we found something new to "ooh" and "ahh" over.

A really special treat: one of my moms favorite friends, whom we haven't seen in ages, was able to meet us with her cutie little girls. A really precious reunion.
Here we are, putting on our game faces and shopping that barn for all it's worth.

Anne Marie makes these gorgeous apron-dress hybrids (she calls them "Elizabeth") that are crafted out of the most luxurious linen. The rosette at the top, the pleats, the ruffles down the front. She looked so terribly adorable in hers that I just had to get my own Elizabeth. Below is a white one with peacock feathers tucked in the sash...mine is grey. I love it.

Yes, all of this gorgeousness was in a barn. All of it. See? A henny penny peeking through the slats to be sure we're all behaving ourselves.

And then...there's the patisserie. I'm a gonner for all things French and all things baked. So this was probably my favorite corner of the barn. Silly? Maybe. But totally warranted because look at how magical...

Sister enjoyed the macarons. But I think not as much as myself. I'm a fiend; a total addict. Thanks, Angela, you've really done it now. The Dark Belgian Chocolate were my favorites along with the Lavender flavor.

Then we took a little stroll around Na-Da Farm.
Something about a little girl in antique scarlet ladies gloves makes my heart happy.
Sweet boy Britt likes the farm life.
Like Mama like Baby.
(do you see the gorgeous colors? almost too pretty to eat.)
And here is my mom's cute little car full to the brim with wonderful treasures we took home from the sale. We left the farm with happy hearts, full bellies and smiles on our faces.
I might sound completely cliche and you might want to hit your "x" button at the top right of your screen when you read this but...
while I took away some fun goodies that make me insanely happy when I look at them in my house (photos to come later) the thing I took home that gives me the most joy are the new friendships.
Angela, Mrs. B. and Anne Marie.
These girls are as charming in real life as their blogs are. Total sweethearts.
Now, I am no photographer...I'm not even trying to be. If you want to see some real photos of this event you should visit these blogs:
Sanctuary Art -
this is the blog of Jennifer Rizzo, the one who make my amazing peacock chair.
She was a fun friend too, so sad I didn't get a picture with her!
It was so fun...did ya catch that in all my ooey gooey oozing of delight? Methinks you did.
I'm hearing rumblings of another farm sale to come in the future. Oh my...I'd better start saving up for that one. Money AND calories.


jessica m said...

Ohhh LOOKS like you had a blast! Your blog has gotten me into the Frenchy way! How far is the NaDa Farm from Iowa???

Anne Marie said...

you are so sweet...and I really hope you do show us what you do with your purchases!

see you in October (hint hint)

Jamie Willow said...

love! I went to all the other blogs to see more pics...lovely...

is that hen an actual hen or a painting of a hen? I can not tell...you do trick photography...

Mrs. B. said...

The hen is real :)
The farm is in the far western suburbs of chicago.
Next fall: yes, please.

Mrs. B. said...

The hen is real :)
The farm is in the far western suburbs of chicago.
Next fall: yes, please.

The Arnold Family said...

Cute place! And you look great!!

Saundra said...

Looks like tons of fun!

Abby said...

Oh my gosh Ash this looks like soooo much fun!!! Can we go here together someday!??