Friday, May 21, 2010

Mystery Dish...

A little culinary guessing game is good for the mind. That's what they always say, right? Right-o!

What could my sister and I possibly be concocting in the kitchen with these ingredients?

extra virgin olive oil, tahini (this probably gives the dish away) and lemon juice

sun dried 'maters

oregano from my herb garden
(I love saying "my herb garden." It makes me feel so warm and domestic and things. So you might be seeing that phrase a lot.)


must have: pita chips, veggies or naan as an accompaniment

sis and Beck: the capable chefs
If you haven't already figured it out by my ample photo clues, go here or here to get the recipe and try it in your own kitchen.


a.m. said...

Hummus :) Best thing ever to make fresh & put your own little spin on it. BTW, Allie makes a fab hummus - tried it over Halloween...

Jamie Willow said...

hummus! I knew it from the first pic. yum!!! how did it turn out?

jessica m said...


Jennifer Rizzo said...

I wanted to stop by and say hi! It was wonderful meeting you! :) Jen