Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Days

I miss posting bits and pieces of our life here on the old's been a fun outlet and way to share the sweetness of our days. I'll get back to the regular blog routine when life (and babies) don't demand so much of my attention.
Having a new baby in the house can really zap a girl's blog mo-jo.
Here's a bit of May thus far:
Peonies from the neighbor. Yep, this same one from last year.
I could get used to this little tradition.
There has been lots of hanging out in our jammies...or lack thereof.
Saturday mornings are spent running around the baseball diamond for Beck's T-Ball practice.
Beck is practicing with his coach, Ira and Evie are doing their own version of T-Ball/croquet/soccer and Britt and I do this:
Smile and coo at each other in the warmth and quietness of our car.
(Yes, we have a GM - "Government Motors" - vehicle. So sue me, I wanted a car that could fit my entire brood and not be as lame as a minivan. Hence, the Tahoe.)
Made my first solo venture with the three little piggies to the zoo. It wasn't half bad.

Found a new, sweet updo for Miss Eves to wear. Inspired by her.

Reading the Children's Bible. They must've read the story of Jesus on the cross because it led to this:

"Jesus" in the burial clothes...

Which led to this:

"Jesus" getting hungry for fried chicken.

Loving me some kiwi lately...

Britt met his great grandma and grandpa for the first time. Gave them quite the thrill with a sweet lil grin.

I threw together these awesome little blackberry crisps. Blackberries with a squirt of Agave nectar. Toss some walnuts and oats with a teeeny weeeny bit of butter, cinnamon and vanilla. Bake for 15 minutes and boom, dessert.
We celebrated Papa's (my dad) birthday with some massive cupcakes from this grand place.
Evidence of huge cupcakes? The sugar crash immediately following.

May has been sweet as pie.


Mrs. D said...

I just <3 your blog .. It makes me happy!

Lyndee said...

I love your blogs and hardly miss reading any over this long time. I know babies take mucho time and energy to say nothing of the other two energetic loves! You are a good blogger!

Jamie Willow said...

what a fun blog! love all the pink flowers and pink lemonade and the cute kids!!!!