Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eye of the Storm

I'm not a big one for metaphors. We leave the metaphor-making up to Mr. B. in this household. That man can come up with amazingly fitting, profound comparisons quicker than I can change a diaper...and that's sayin' something!

Early this morning, at Britt's 4 am feeding, I was thinking about him and I. Our Mommy/Baby relationship. It is a lot different than my relationships with Beck and Evie were. Life was a whole lot quieter and focused when I just had one, even two, babies. But there's no less love or connection between the two of us.

It's like this (and here's the awesome metaphor my foggy, genius brain came up with in the wee hours): There's this storm whirling all around the two of us; Britt and I. And we are in the eye of it. We're in the calm place. With the whir of activity that a full household brings - two preschoolers, two dogs, one amazing daddy-man - my baby and I can lock eyes and the chaos fades to a faint din. We grin at each other, I tickle a belly, I inhale his baby smell, I kiss his downy head. And we reach that eye if for only a precious moment or two.

The bond that is forming between me and my last baby (putting it out there in faith, folks) sometimes takes my breath away. I am the light of that kid's world. Absolutely. And that's the way it should be.

Soon enough my li'l Britt will be moving steadily toward the storm of sippy cups and high chairs, pull-ups and matchbox cars, toddler swings and goldfish crackers...
It sort of breaks my heart to think about.
But for now, we're in the eye of the storm and for that I will be grateful.

I am so going to show my husband, who makes fun of my every attempt at metaphor, this blog. He will be so impressed. :)


Patty Cakes said...


Annie said...


there is something about that last baby that will just do that to you ;)

Truly His said...

That is sooo precious, Ashley! This was my favorite post!!

Laura said...

I can't wait to have a cuddle with both of you. I'm so glad you're cherishing and enjoying this time with him.

Katie Beth said...

What a beautiful post. :)

Mrs. D said...

You are just blessed with a way with words ... !

Jamie Willow said...

what a wonderful post. you are the master at metaphors now! take that Mr. B ! :)