Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blog Love: Sorelle Per Vita

There's a new blog on the block.

A Cord of Three Strands
Sorelle Per Vita

My little bohemian sister and two of her cute little buddies have started to see the beauty of blogdom and began their own collaboration blog.

So far there are thoughts on spirituality, traveling, Birkensocks and tattoos.

What else will these punks come up with?

My sis (A. Suzy) is a great writer. Smart, witty and eloquent.

One thing I have to share with you because I'm the big sister and I can tease:

I think it's funny that sis got a general air of disdain whenever my mom and I would talk about our blog obsessions in her presence.
Up until she found some blogs with vegetarian, dread-locked writers that keep chickens and barefooted children in their backyards, she would have nothing to do with the blog world.

So, go on over and welcome A. Suzy and her buds.

Watch out, sis, your blog is about to get some MAD traffic through this post of mine. The server might crash. Ha! ;)


A. Suzanne said...

i laughed.

and, it's true...
i am a former anti-blog snob, successfully & gladly converted!

Jamie Willow said...

Ash, cute blogity blog...we were early adapters...

and sister: welcome to the dark side :) I like your new blog!