Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Favorites

Don't you just love a newborn?
If you said "no" or even, "eh..." you are a cold-hearted robot. And that's that.

Some of my favorite new baby-isms:

The closed-fist, double arm stretch. We call it "The SuperBaby" at our house.

The arch back stretch that can last for a full minute sometimes. Almost as cute as The SuperBaby.

Mistaking mommy's cheek for mommy's other, more productive body part and trying to latch on. Feels like sweet that's what I pretend they are.

Smiles and giggles in his sleep.

The Blissed-Out Milk Coma.

What are your favorite newborn-isms?

My talented Sister In Law, Jamie, took a bunch of sweet photos of Britt. This one in his red pilot cap is one of my favorites.


Saundra said...

The cute faces they make when you gently rub their lips or chin. Clean baby smell. Sock lint in baby toes:)

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Park was definitely a thinker as a newborn - all wide-eyed and quiet, just looking around all the time and taking it all in. Loved it.

Their ability to sleep anywhere, any time.

Their mimicry - sticking out their tongue when you do. Etc. So cute.

How adorable they are when they are laying on their back just kicking their legs and moving their arms - kick kick kicking up a storm!

Ahh... And so much more. Hmm, might I actually be ready for #2??? Let's get through #1's first birthday first. First things first. :)

Jamie E said...

I love how they simply relax into you. The sleep of the truly innocent. Yawns, I love baby yawns. You still have the cutest kids ever! Bless you!

Lucy said...

the peering around! and the reflex when they grip your fingers!

I am not a mother but I am a very proud Auntie to three little girls and just became godmother to a very special little boy!

and I totally agree with you, if you don't like newborn babies you need help!

Congrats on your little one, he looks so adorable. I wish I had an anecdotal remedy for the colic for you, sadly I don't but hang in there!