Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still Here...

Yes, I'm still here. Just a little entrenched in new mommy-hood all over again (and loving it, by the way).

I'll be back to my normal posting habits soon. As soon as I perfect the art of the one-handed blog post. And my contributions are sure to be less and less baby-focused as I get a handle on being a mother of three. Until then, you'll have to suffer through sickeningly sweet photos of my brood being adorable and the jumbled, haphazard thoughts of a new mother.

Speaking of sweet photos, here's one of my favorites of our time in the spa mean, hospital:
(how I wish I could go back to get my needs met by a friendly nurse and room service!)

Told you it was going to be sickening. ;)


Jamie Willow said...

love love love that photo!

Laura said...

It's my favorite one. Perfection.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Adorable! You are truly blessed.

StephG said...

I love that picture! So sweet!

Speaking of "spa retreat"...i was just explaining to someone how wonderful a hospital visit is! They thought I was CRAZY! I said, "How can you NOT love having food brought to you, a nurse at your beck and call and whatever else you need?" Seriously!

I told her it's a mom still thinks I'm crazy, but I'm totally with you!!!

vickie kelley said...

Not sickening...sweet, refreshingly sweet!