Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Real Life Tuesday - 19

Request to those playing along in Real Life Tuesday (and to those of you who don't as well...) If you think of more than one response to this photo, please post. I am desperate for entertainment at this point in my life.

My thought life consists of this: "Was that a contraction?...it was! Boy, that hurt. Good! I wonder how long it lasted? How can I get another one to come back? I hope another one comes...it's not coming...still not coming...I'm doomed."

Isn't that depressing? And obnoxious?

So, I'm in desperate need of a little diversion. Provide me with a few moments of non-labor thoughts, please? Think of it as a public service...because I know quite a few people that would greatly benefit from my distraction. (Poor Mr. B. wants to tape my mouth shut and lock me in the closet...I just know it.)

Here's our very safari-esque photo posted a couple of weeks ago:

In real life these two elephants shaking "hands" have a herd of donkeys trying to push them into the water!
And lady liberty's umbrella is actually a little smaller than that...
Posted by my friend (and maternity photographer) Kim. You can find her personal blog here and her photography blog here.
I actually had to read this a few times to get the political references. :) Smart and sassy. Thank you, Kim!
Spring is on it's merry way (cheers!) and that means yard sales and thrifting. Joy of joys. Here's what trash-to-treasure looks like in our dreams, but what is it like in real life?
In Your Dreams:
In Real Life...


Lyndee said...

If I put my 'junk' on the sidewalk I would get a ticket and even standing around looking dramatic wouldn't stop them from giving it to me!

Sarah said...

Is it just me? Or does it look like she is about to become a flasher?? Like she is checking if the coast is clear... naughy flea market girl.


Maybe it is just me...

Kimberly Ginn said...

I cant top the first two, but I will say
IRL all I usually find is yardsales that have junky dirty toys and childrens clothes in the wrong size or gender. And if I did find this yardsale, those chairs would be $200 apiece, the dresser about $1000, and that mannequin would have already been sold to one of the men looking for used tools.

Rae Nolt said...

IRL my husband would buy the fish and BEG to hang it in the living room!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

IRL... I hate yard sales.